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1st May 2012

Beer in The Bath Anyone?

Thornbridge Brewery have just announced that they have signed a 10 year leasehold agreement to take over the running of the Bath Hotel, Victoria Street, Sheffield. The Bath’s current owner Brian Johnson has run the pub for the last 12 years maintaining  the pub’s reputation as one of the most iconic pubs in Sheffield serving great beer.  “It’s been great fun running The Bath and I want to thank all the valued customers we have had” says Brian “but it’s time to spend more time with my wife and family. We were  delighted when we found out that Thornbridge would be interested in the pub as I know it is going to be in great hands”.

Simon Webster, Thornbridge’s Chief Operating Officer, says “The Bath has been recognised in Sheffield and also nationally, it is a CAMRA heritage listed pub, as well as a great place to drink beer.  We understand its history and the affection people have for it and we will honour this in the minimal changes we will make to the pub, but rest assured we will enhance what is there and continue to make the pub a credit to the city. With it being Free of Tie it will also give us an opportunity to showcase beers from some of the other great breweries from around the UK”.


Thornbridge was recently judged best pub operating micro brewery by The Publican magazine and the new agreement with The Bath takes to 12 the number of pubs, bars and restaurants they now run in conjunction with sister company BrewKitchen.

The Bath will be managed by Thornbridge’s  Pubs Operations Manager Mike Pidgeon and on a daily basis by Edd Entwistle  –   one of  the management team from Thornbridge that took over the run down Highlife Hotel and reopened it as the Greystones which has had great success over the past 2 years.

The final word on the change of management goes to Brian – “ It’s great to see Sheffield become a national centre for beer and pubs – I often felt that we were an outpost fighting a lost cause but now see that things have turned around with more and more people enjoying  the ever increasing variety of beers now available and as always a great place to drink it – I’ll certainly be visiting the Bath to enjoy both”.



Alex Buchanan

Marketing Manager


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