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10th November 2022

Beer Launched To Mark Trans Day Of Remembrance

Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living.

Queer Brewing will be releasing their double IPA Fight Like Hell, a beer brewed to observe and mark Trans Day of Remembrance on the 20th of November. The beer will also be raising much-needed funds for the London-based community group, Transmissions, a trans community space based downstairs at East London’s Dalston Superstore.

Trans Day Of Remembrance is the day the trans community and our allies remember and honour siblings who lost their lives to anti-trans violence, and is a day that means a great deal to Queer Brewing, both personally and as a company. As the UK’s only trans-owned brewery it’s important for Queer Brewing to use their platform to highlight and raise awareness for issues that affect the trans community, as well as continue their work of raising money for vital LGBTQ+ organisations.

2021 saw Fight Like Hell raise £900 for the Black Trans Foundation, a Black and trans-led non-profit providing therapy for Black trans and non-binary people in the UK. The aim this year is to build upon that, with retailers and drinkers themselves encouraged to support Transmissions wherever possible.

The beer itself is a Double IPA that weighs in at 8% ABV and is hopped with Citra and Simcoe and fermented with Voss Kveik yeast. Expect bursts of tangerine, lime, mango, and touches of lychee, resulting in a delicious beer that helps fund grassroots community activism.

Drinkers of Fight Like Hell are encouraged to use the beer as an opportunity to observe and mark Trans Day of Remembrance, to take a moment to reflect on the steadily rising wave of transphobia, anti-trans sentiment, and anti-trans violence, and to consider how better to support trans people in the face of this.

The beer will be available via Queer Brewing.

Queer Brewing founder and owner Lily Waite says;

“Fight Like Hell is, for me as a queer trans woman working in the beer industry, the epitome of what Queer Brewing is about. The beer is delicious—we consistently have people asking for its return—but that’s secondary to its purpose; not dissimilar to the brewery itself.

From the beginning, Queer Brewing was all about taking up space and using our platform to highlight important issues that mean something to us or to our community, and I can’t think of anything more important than the ever-rising tide of anti-trans sentiment, legislation, media, rhetoric, aggression, or violence. Fight Like Hell is our way of doing just that, whilst also marking the most important day in the trans community’s calendar: Trans Day of Remembrance.

We’re pleased to be supporting Transmissions with this year’s edition of the beer, a grassroots trans community hub in East London with the purpose of providing a weekly safe space for the local trans community. We’re honoured to support their work.”

Notes to Editors:

The Queer Brewing Project was founded in early 2019 to provide visibility for LGBTQ+ people in and around beer, and to build community, advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and raise money for vital LGBTQ+ charities. After recognising a significant lack of LGBTQ+ community in the beer world, founder Lily Waite set out to change that, by working with first UK-based, and then international breweries to take up space in an industry dominated by cisgender, heterosexual, male voices.

In the three and a half years since the project began, they’ve brewed over 50 different beers in 5 countries—they’ve teamed up with breweries in Denmark, Germany, Norway, and the USA, as well as plenty at home in the UK—raising a projected £35,000 for a whole host of incredible charities.

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Press release from Queer Brewing.

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