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8th May 2017

Beer Nouveau to Crowdfund Heritage Barrel Aging Programme


Manchester brewery Beer Nouveau is launching a Heritage Barrel Aging Programme in early June, reproducing recipes and methods from the 18th and 19th centuries. The beer will be funded by a crowdfunding presale which has already seen over a hundred enquiries.

The Heritage Barrel Aging Programme will work with craft maltsters to recreate the grains used by breweries of the time, with beer brewed using recipes and processes researched by beer historians such as Ron Pattinson. Starting with an East India Pale Ale originally brewed in 1868 and a Russian Imperial Stout from 1859, the programme will expand to other heritage styles such as East India Porters and Krieks. As traditional East India Pale Ales were stored in barrels for 18 months, and Russian Imperial Stouts for 24 months, Beer Nouveau will be financing the programme through crowdfunding, giving investors the opportunity to pre-buy the beers up to two years before they will be ready to drink.

Steve Dunkley of Beer Nouveau said: “There are a lot of superb breweries doing great things with barrel aging beers, but we want to play to our strengths. We’ve been reproducing heritage recipes for almost three years now, as well as conditioning beers in wooden casks, and now we want to combine these elements and improve upon the reputation we’ve already gained. People really enjoy the old beers and learning about how they’ve developed into the ones we drink today, and are as interested in this programme as we are, to see how different, or similar, the beers actually were. ”

Beer Nouveau has already brewed parallel recipes with heritage and modern malts, alongside craft maltsters Malting Box of Milton Keynes who are running experiments to improve extraction and efficiency from the grains. Along with their experience of vintage recipes and conditioning beer in wooden casks, Beer Nouveau is on a firm footing to reproduce these heritage beers to a very close degree, albeit without the sea voyages.



For further information, please contact:

Steve Dunkley


Telephone: 07525 345437 (Monday to Friday between 9:30am and 5:30pm)