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26th July 2022


Enjoy award-winning pints of Innis & Gunn with the launch of PerfectDraft  

Innis & Gunn has partnered with in-home beer specialists’ PerfectDraft to deliver the perfect draught lager experience anytime, anywhere.

Launching today (Tuesday 26 July), PerfectDraft owners will be able to enjoy a fresh, chilled and perfectly poured pint of Innis & Gunn lager in the comfort of their own home – or wherever else imagination takes them.

Capturing the free-spirited nature of the brand, a social media campaign is running in tandem with the launch.  It will invite fans to go that extra mile and come up with their most original, creative drinking spots, with Innis & Gunn picking the most imaginative and making it happen.

Available in a six-litre PerfectDraft keg from, there’s also a limited number of glassware bundles on sale for those looking to capture the full Innis & Gunn experience with the brand’s iconic green-and-white swirled pint glasses.

Crisp, zesty and refreshing, Innis & Gunn’s Lager Beer is the ideal pint for the long, hot summer days the UK is currently soaking up. Its award-winning taste is perfectly delivered by the PerfectDraft machine, which chills the six-litre kegs – around ten pints – to 3ºC and keeps them fresh for 30 days.

Innis & Gunn’s founder, Dougal Sharp, said:

“Beer drinkers have been crying out for Innis & Gunn Lager on PerfectDraft for over two years now.   After all, they’ve rated us the UK’s best tasting craft lager.  So we’re delighted to finally make it happen.

“The beauty of PerfectDraft is that all you need is the machine, power and our multi-award-winning beer.  We’ve carefully crafted Innis & Gunn Lager to be both refreshing and packed full of flavour, the high quality of our beer is a dream match for the draught experience delivered by PerfectDraft. Whether you want a pint at home, on a camping trip or after surfing at the beach – where you enjoy your next perfectly poured pint is completely up to you!’

Daniel Neilson, PerfectDraft’s brand manager, added:

“We’re ridiculously excited to launch Innis & Gunn’s Lager Beer on PerfectDraft. We personally love this beer, really respect the folk at Innis & Gunn, and were super keen to get it on PerfectDraft.

“Innis & Gunn’s premium, award-winning lager is full bodied, but also crisp, light and refreshing. It’s the perfect summer launch – we’ll be cracking it open at barbecues and back-yard gatherings all summer long.”

Much-loved by consumers and critics alike, Innis & Gunn’s Lager recently scooped accolades at both the Monde Selection and Great Taste Awards, as well as being voted the best Craft Lager by drinkers.

The Innis & Gunn PerfectDraft keg is priced at £35.50. For more information, visit

About Innis & Gunn:

Since its foundation in 2003, Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has grown to become one of the UK’s most successful craft beer businesses. Using innovative techniques including oak cask maturation, Innis & Gunn brew multi-award-winning beers including the flagship ‘The Original’ and Innis & Gunn Lager Beer, recently awarded at The Great Taste Awards. The brewer’s portfolio also includes a range of IPAs and a line of bespoke limited-edition brews which demonstrate quality, innovation and craft.

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