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1st March 2023

Beer & Pub Sector Call for Urgent Clarity on DRS

The Scottish Beer & Pub Association (SBPA) have today [Tuesday] called for urgent clarity on the Scottish Government’s Deposit Return Scheme ahead of the producer deadline for signing up today.

The scheme has been thrown into disarray following pledges by SNP leadership candidates, to make significant changes or ditch the policy all together.

Commenting, an SBPA spokesperson said:

“The beer and pub sector remain committed to a workable DRS, however as a result of the pledges made by leadership candidates we are now in the situation where producers are legally required to sign up to a scheme with key elements now unknown and highly likely to change when a new First Minister is appointed. 

“This added confusion, alongside the now unknown financial risk they could be exposing their business to, will likely see producers not signing ahead of the deadline tonight. Allowing businesses to fly blind into this, is simply not acceptable and puts the whole scheme at risk of failure. 

“The Scottish Government need to provide urgent clarification ahead of the deadline.”


Press release from the SBPA.

For further information, contact Paul Togneri via