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14th May 2018

Belgian Beer Project at Mason & Company

Brussels Beer Project Weekend Tap Takeover & Tutored Tasting 18 May 2018 17:00 We’re delighted to announce a weekend tap takeover of epic proportions with Belgium’s Brussels Beer Project. We’ve invited the brewery to join us as we serve up TEN of their marvellous beers from the 18th – 20th May.

The ethos behind the Brussels Beer Project is simple: they’re a collaborative effort that uses co-creation to breathe some life into the traditional beer scene in Belgium. They’re producing wildly innovative renditions of styles and making beer that people want to drink right now. The team from BBP have agreed to conduct a tutored tasting for us on Friday, May 18th, so join us for a very special session between 7pm-8:30pm. Get your £10 ticket and try five of the beers (spaces are limited, so grab yours now to avoid disappointment).

The tap takeover is free.