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2nd February 2018

Big Drop Brewing Co. secures listings as interest continues to grow in low alcohol beer category

Big Drop Brewing Co., the UK’s first brewing company dedicated exclusively to making only the finest <0.5% ABV beer, has confirmed a wave of new listings across on and off trade outlets.  The announcement comes as interest and trial in the low and no alcohol beer category, recently amplified by the #dryjanuary and #tryjanuary campaigns, shows signs of continued growth that will be sustained beyond the January initiatives.


Recent listings include in-store and in the restaurant at Fortnum & Mason, London pub group Barworks and leading restaurant Hakkasan.  Big Drop beer is also stocked at a growing number of independent bottle shops, through online retailers and is available for trade supply through a growing number of wholesalers including Amathus, The Bottle Shop Wholesale, Eebria, Craft Drinks Co and Borough Wines.


Big Drop Founder, Rob Fink, commented “The number of people who are cutting down their alcohol consumption, or giving up altogether, continues to rise.  Whilst this has been boosted during the charity-led Dry January campaign, there’s nothing to suggest that the interest in lower alcohol drinks, particularly beer and spirits, is restricted to one month.  We also saw an increase in trial of our beers as part of the Tryanuary initiative, which encourages people to try different drinks rather than giving up altogether, and many said that they will continue to include Big Drop beer in their drinking repertoire.  And it’s encouraging to see that so many retailers are listening to customers and stocking a wider range of low and no alcohol beers to cater for their preferences.


“The two January campaigns have given drinkers an opportunity to try a 0.5%ABV craft beer and it seems that it’s been an eye opener for many, who now appreciate that lower alcohol doesn’t mean that they have to compromise on flavour and taste. Interestingly, a social media poll of BeerBods subscribers during January revealed that 67% of those who’d tasted Big Drop Stout said they wouldn’t have known it was only 0.5% ABV had they tasted it without knowing.”


Since its first beer – the stout – was launched in November 2016, Big Drop has added three more beers to its range with further seasonal variants due for release later this year.  They have received widespread acclaim and sales for the second year of operation already look set to smash the target of more than 1250% increase over the previous year. The beers are brewed up to the 0.5%ABV mark by Master Brewer Johnny Clayton rather than brewing to full strength and stripping out the alcohol, giving a more rounded and flavoursome depth of taste which gives on and off-trade retailers a genuine choice for their customers.


“With one in five adults claiming to be tee-total and analysis firm Kantar Worldpanel recently reporting that 20 million adults in Great Britain are happy to consider low- and non-alcoholic drinks, the category is likely to be one of the growth areas to watch in 2018” continued Fink.  “Sales of beer and cider with less than 1.2% alcohol grew by nearly 30% last year compared with 2015 according to Kantar Worldpanel and we’re finding a growing number of operators in the on and off-trade and online are tuning in to the massive opportunity this provides them with.  Our ambition remains to offer a range of great tasting craft beers at 0.5%ABV from which retailers can choose to ensure that they have a truly representative selection for their customers.”


The positivity of consumer feedback has also encouraged more wholesalers to stock Big Drop beers and several recent supply agreements have opened new channels of accessibility for trade customers.


“Retailers have been understandably nervous about introducing one lower strength beer, let alone a range” added Fink “but they are now recognising their importance to their customer base and, therefore, their business.  In the past, it was too easy to wait for others to test the market for

lower strength beers but when pub groups such as Barworks, restaurants like Hakkasan and prestigious stores like Fortnum & Mason start to take notice, we know that consumer opinion is finally being heard.”


Big Drop Brewing Co is updating a list of stockists on its website in response to regular requests from eager fans and wants anyone not currently listed to get in touch via social media (@bigdropbrewco) to help provide a comprehensive directory to help drive sales in outlet.


For information on stocking Big Drop beers, please contact:


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