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29th August 2017

Birra Antoniana shines at the International Beer Challenge 2017

The International Beer Challenge is the competition that rewards brewery excellences from all over the world. The 22nd edition ended few days ago and winners were announced: Birra Antoniana achieved 9 awards, three of which were gold medals!


This contest is now recognized worldwide as symbol of prestige, quality and commitment; besides for breweries that participate it is an important occasion for improvement, as a qualified jury judges the beers.


After the positive bronze and silver obtained in the previous edition, this year Birrificio Antoniano shines, bringing home three golden medals: Birra Antoniana Marechiaro born from the partnership with the AVPN – the true Neapolitan pizza, Portello golden ale prized in 2016 as the best Italian beer according to Federbirra and Pasubio, herbal and thirst quenching pilsner. The three specialties conquered the podium as best beer in their style category. 


The International Beer Challenge jury is composed by professionals among which there are brew master, tasters importers pub owners and journalists: after the first tasting session, beers with higher score passed a final phase for being judged by a selected jury.


The standard of beers that took part in the competition was very high, and Birra Antoniana is happy of having keep up the reputation of the “Made in Italy”, getting in addition to the gold medals, three silver medals and three bronze medals.


Specifically, for the category “Tasting” Birra Antoniana Altinate, Borgo Della Paglia e La Torlonga achieved the silver medal, followed by the bronze attained by Birra Antoniana Eremitani, Ponte Molino e Ai Tadi.


Furthermore, the results of the World Beer Awards have recently been revealed, and here too Birra Antoniana got medals! Stile Vienna, Pasubio and Eremitani achieve the podium best Italian beers in their own style; Ai Tadi conquers the silver medal in the Belgian white category and Ponte Molino the bronze in saison category.


The brewery panorama is more and more dense and competitive and such international rewards grant once more the quality of Birra Antoniana specialties, which are moving little but steady steps abroad, from US to Japan.

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