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16th March 2023

Bizimply Budget comment

Flexibility Essential to Attract Older Hospitality Employees, says Bizimply

Conor Shaw, CEO of workforce management specialist Bizimply, said: “Hospitality operators will welcome the measures announced in the Budget aimed at encouraging older workers back into employment. However, if they want to entice these experienced workers back into the workforce, they will need to meet them halfway and support the work/life balance that many older workers are looking for.

“When we surveyed our hospitality customers in January, 30% said they do not expect front-of-house recruitment problems to improve this year, rising to 60% who do not expect kitchen recruitment problems to improve this year. That’s a brake on growth which is holding hospitality back.

“While there are plenty of older people with hospitality experience who could help fill those vacancies, it’s not as simple as “getting the over-50s off the golf course” as the Chancellor put it earlier this year. Older workers will feel that their decades spent in the workplace have earned them the right to enjoy some leisure time, but equally many of them are likely to have a range of commitments, not least of which can be helping their own children to work by providing childcare or school runs for grandchildren.

“Of course, employers need to know that they have enough staff available at the times they need them, but those who have robust workforce management systems in place to give staff maximum notice of shifts, and enable employees to flag up their other commitments, will be best placed to attract experienced staff back into the workplace.”

Bizimply estimates GMs can spend up to six hours a week creating a staff rota using Excel or similar. Equipping them with the right software to produce rotas and payroll quickly gives this time back. Making the task of drawing up rotas simple means it’s done in good time, enabling staff to be given plenty of notice of shifts.

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