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18th March 2022

Book Review Opportunity: The Story of Bass The Rise and Demise of a Brewing Great by Harry White

The Story of Bass: The Rise and Demise of a Brewing Great

Harry White

Publication: 15th April 2022

Price: £15.99

ISBN: 9781398109421

Size: 234 x 165mm

Binding: Paperback

Extent: 96 pages

Illustrations: 150 illustrations

Rights: World, all languages

This book tells the story of Bass, which during the mid-1800s grew from a small provincial brewery into the world’s largest ale brewer. Spanning 230 years, the story is set against a backdrop of changing social attitudes, economic conditions and government regulations, and relates how all these various factors affected the brewing industry. The book also tells the story of those brewing companies, ranging from Scotland, the north of England and Midlands, to London, which during the 1960s merged to form what became Bass Charrington – at that time the UK’s largest brewing company. Key to the story are the individuals and personalities who played their part in the formation of what was the dominant player in the UK brewing industry during the latter half of the twentieth century.

Packed with rare and previously unpublished images, and authored by the chairman of the National Brewery Heritage Trust, this is an essential read for anybody interested in the history of beer and brewing.


Harry joined Bass in 1977 and from 1989 until the takeover by Coors Brewing Co. he was Director of Quality Assurance. He retired from Molson Coors in 2007, and is chairman of the National Brewery Heritage Trust based in Burton-on-Trent, which has been the source of much of the material used in this book.


  • Written by the chairman of the National Brewery Heritage Trust.
  • Raising a glass to an iconic British brewer.
  • Previously unpublished images.
  • Latest Amberley brewing book.
  • Up to 10 images available free for use alongside reviews or features.
  • Also available in Kindle, Kobo and iBook formats.

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