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27th April 2020

Bottoms up to naturally chilled CBD beers

  • Green Times Brewing unveils new branding and positioning
  • Green Times Brewing launches CBD alcohol-free IPA
  • Green Times Brewing releases collaboration “CBD Green Heathen” beer with Northern Monk, one of the UK’s most popular and innovative breweries.

Speciality craft beer brewing company Green Times Brewing has released its new branding centered around its “Naturally chilled”.

It was unveiled to the public along with their new CBD alcohol-free IPA at the BrewLDN beer festival – one of the largest beer festivals in the country, as well as a limited edition draft CDB “Juicy Pale Ale” brewed for the occasion.

Like their CBD Session IPA, both new beers combine the great taste of quality craft beer with the wellbeing benefits of the cannabis plant for the body and mind.

CBD is a non-psychoactive organic compound found in the cannabis plant and a popular health supplement taken daily by over 6 million people in the UK for a variety of reasons – ranging from mood enhancement to relaxation and pain relief.

As the public’s perception of cannabis products has been evolving in recent years, Green Times brewing wanted to avoid stereotypes associated with cannabis. The minimal aesthetic communicates the simple combination of beer and cannabis that can bring balance in the body and mind of drinkers – simply summed up in the brand’s new tagline: “Naturally chilled”.

Brewed in the UK, the new CBD Alcohol-free IPA (0.5% ABV) – like all Green Times Brewing’s beers – are made using a unique THC-free water-soluble CBD formulation, are gluten-free and vegan friendly – making it a unique alternative within the growing alcohol-free market.

Co-founder and Managing Director Thierry Florit said:

“ We’re so excited to add the new alcohol-free IPA to our range despite the challenging condition to launch a new product. It has been really well received at BrewLDN from trade visitors and the general public. At a time like this, when people’s stress levels are high, a CBD beer – with or without alcohol –  can be a great way to have a truly relaxing time and unwind.”​

Green Times Brewing launched the UK’s first ever CBD beer “High Flyer” in 2018 which was praised for its combination of citrus and tropical aromas with a slight dank cannabis finish.

During the summer 2019, the brand partnered with the UK renowned brewery Northern Monk to brew the world’s strongest CBD beer – the “Green Heathen” (7.2%) available on kegs at the time. The “Green Heathen” was launched on cans on the 4th of April 2020 at 4.20pm in reference to “420” synonyms with the cannabis counterculture and was sold out within a few days.

Green Times Brewing’s range of products including the new CBD Juicy Pale Ale (4.7%) in kegs, CBD Session IPA (4.3%) and CBD alcohol-free IPA (0.5%) in cans are available to order wholesale by emailing or via Eebria trade.

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Established in 2018, Green Times brewing specialises in making craft beers in the UK infused with cannabis oil extract (CBD) for a natural, balanced way to unwind.

Their fresh brews combine the great taste of craft beers with the well-being benefits of the cannabis plant for the body and mind. As hops and cannabis belong to the same cannabaceae family, they are great brewing partners.

All their beers are made with the highest quality ingredients from organic barley and hops with the purest CBD from Colorado. They use a unique full-spectrum cannabis oil that contains all organic compounds, cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant. These health supplements have been used around the world for centuries and have been

recognised by the World Health Organisation for their multiple benefits in 2018.

All of their beers are THC-Free, which is the molecule in the cannabis plant that gets you high. So there are no psychoactive effects for drinkers.

They are also gluten-free and vegan friendly.

As they also deeply care about the environment, they’re proud to donate part of our profits to the charity “Cool Earth” who fights climate change by reducing global deforestation around the world.

So when relaxing drinking Green Times beers, it’s good for people to also know that they are making a small difference as well.


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