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18th December 2014



Braufest Berlin rocked it’s first appearance in September 2013 at RAW Gelände in Friedrichshain and it was evident from the start that it was exactly what Berliners needed to bring about a craft beer revolution. With no entry fee and a superb, professionally chosen selection of craft beers, we hosted 20 brewers and attracted over 10000 festival goers.

Since then, Berlin’s interest in craft beer has increased dramatically with new breweries on the search for locations, more multi-tap bars opening and new styles of beer being brewed by established brewers. Berlin has made its first steps to becoming one of the craft beer capitals of Europe!

Following the resounding success of our first festival and to keep the revolution moving, we’ve decided to make the next one even bigger. While in 2013 we only had space for around 20 booths, in May 2015 we plan to build a small town flowing with international craft beer – just a jump away from our previous location, but still in RAW.

The festival will showcase the Berlin scene, the best of the German craft beer scene and an international gathering of Europe and America’s craft beers and their brewers. Our aim is to make Braufest one of the greatest craft beer festivals in Europe; a three-day celebration of the new age of beer, summoning the best and most interesting craft breweries from Europe and overseas.





We invite you to participate in Braufest Berlin 2015 as a brewer. We ask our exhibitors to bring their most interesting beers, other selections and at least 800-1000 litres. Bottled beer is also welcome. We would also like you to join us at the festival personally, as Braufest wishes to be a meeting place between the brewers themselves and the audience.


The price of participation is 500 euros. We can help you build a personalised tent or booth if needed, based on further negotiations, and can provide you with taps and coolers as well. We also charge 10% on the turnover of every exhibitor.



> An ENTRY-FREE, hip, urban craft beer festival with a good reputation for kick-starting the craft beer craze in Germany’s capital, all in the nightlife centre of Berlin

> An INVITATION ONLY festival where invited brewers are selected by professional criteria. We present best of Berlin and Germany – selected by Berlin Beer Academy

> QUALITY STREET FOOD stands organised by our partner, NEUE HEIMAT VILLAGE MARKET

> MEDIA PRESENCE in the most important newspapers, radios, websites and blogs of Berlin.

> CREATIVE BUILDING-TEAM for building up instalments, booths and tents

> FESTIVAL TEAM to collect and wash up used glasses and distribute clean ones

> 0,3 AND 0,5 GLASSES with the Braufest logo (you can bring your own, we wash those too!)

> STORAGE SPACE for beer


Customers will buy tokens or a festival-card in order to make purchases so exhibitors will not have to deal with cash. It also ensures Braufest will import and sell all the international beers legally, as well as providing security for yourself and the festival. Brewers receive their earnings after the end of the festival.


Please let us know either way if you can accept our invitation – we hope you can!





A few years ago it turned out that beer is not a homogeneous, boring industrial drink, but a cultural and gastronomical phenomenon that has endless limits to taste, colour, scent, heritage and role. In Hungary only very few people knew this; so we decided to tell everybody!


First we rallied the brewers and then we organized an open festival in downtown Budapest – Főzdefeszt was born. This festival became a roaring success and made craft beer fashionable in Budapest. But it did more, it started to change the way consumers looked at what they bought in the shop, it started to change the way pub-owners thought of beer, and most importantly, it started the production of many, many good beers by the hands of homebrewers and brewers. Now, after two years, Hungary has a booming craft beer industry with pubs and breweries opening at an increasing rate.


At the same time, while we always thought of Germany as the home of real beer, we saw Berlin as a place without a craft beer culture. We felt we knew this was something that would be very much welcome in Berlin, so we organised Braufest in fall 2013. The timing was perfect and we witnessed Berlin craft beer come to life and its audience turned up by the thousands.


Braufest is not your usual craft beer festival, with beer geeks strolling around and sipping interesting brews in a well-lit room. Braufest is more of a celebration of the new relationship between beer, brewers and drinkers. It takes place in one of Berlin’s fashionable industrial nightlife zones at RAW Gelände, under the open air. This festival was born to popularise craft beer among open-minded consumers, therefore it has no entrance fee and the visitor cannot bump into industrial or poor beers – these are not invited or let in to exhibit! The festival also wants to make people understand that craft beer is for them, that they can even have a say in what they going to drink the next season. It is also a great opportunity for the brewer to test out one of the world’s best audiences, so we always insist that brewers be there and not just send their beers.


At Braufest, just like at Főzdefeszt, great emphasis is placed on the personal as well as professional aspects. Besides the presentations, talks, professional judging and awards, there are cultural programmes, endless tastings and socialising opportunities for all. We love seeing the brew masters at the festival, representing their products and talking with the visitors directly about their beers.


We hope to host all the important breweries of Europe at Braufest sooner or later. This is an invitation only festival, booths are not free for rent, but we value your input to help build this into an even greater experience.
We look forward to seeing you there soon!