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7th May 2018

Braxzz launches the world’s first non-alcoholic Porter and session-IPA in Amsterdam

Today Braxzz announced the launch of two non-alcoholic craft versions.

The Porter is dark coloured and aromatic, with strong espresso and chocolate flavours, supported by a light caramel note and a faint bitterness in the aftertaste. This is 100% alcohol-free.

The Session IPA is crispy with a full bodied hop profile, without being too bitter in aftertaste. You can smell and taste fresh citrus flavours and exotic floral elements, with a remote herbal top note and contains only 0.2% alcohol.

“Our journey started with two simple passions,” said Mirko Schnitzler of Braxzz, “the belief that the non-alcoholic beers on the market today are a huge compromise on taste and that the non-alcoholic category lacks variety for its consumers. We quickly realized that a breakthrough on taste was not going to be possible without true mouthfeel innovations to compensate the lack of alcohol, which is why we built an experienced team and a strong partner network to run this.”

Jilles Eissen added: “The two products that we launched today are just the very beginning of a much larger and exciting range of non-alcoholic crafts that we are creating. The global craft market is expanding rapidly and the non-alcoholic share of that market is showing double digit growth.” Jilles continued, “We are working closely with our key distribution partners to further improve the products and prioritize the innovation pipeline.”

About Braxzz

Braxzz is a Dutch craft brewery, founded by a dutch and british team which includes one of the oldest brewing families in the world. Braxzz is focused on creating non-alcoholic beers with Zero Compromise on taste and was named after the latin brewmasters (the braxators) who accidentally invented beer as they used alcohol to kill common waterborne bacteria. More information:

Further information: James Leary,