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18th December 2020

Brew//TAPP is a new Craft Beer Marketplace where breweries sell beer direct to customers with 48 hour delivery

Brew//TAPP is a new craft beer marketplace and delivery service which allows consumers to buy directly from independent UK breweries. It offers over 200 craft beers searchable by beer style, brewery or location, plenty of Christmas beer boxes and gift cards, and throughout December is offering an unlimited 15% discount at

Brew//TAPP enables enthusiasts to buy beer directly from their favourite breweries or discover amazing new craft brewers all in one easy to use online marketplace. The ‘direct from brewery’ model also ensures customers are receiving the freshest beers possible with delivery within 48hours, all while supporting small, independent British breweries.

Offering drinkers the most diverse choice of independent craft beers in the UK today, Brew//TAPP list over 200 different beers from breweries such as 71 Brewing, BrewByNumbers, Deviant & Dandy, Kentish Pip Cider, ORA Brewing, Round Corner, Seven Brothers, Vocation Brewing and Turning Point Brew Co. amongst others. It was founded in partnership by the team behind the hugely influential Brew//LDN Festival and after a successful soft launch during the second lockdown, the site is now growing exponentially. Next to their usual offerings, there is currently a wealth of Christmas listings including beer gift cards and beer boxes.

“Our experience organising Brew//LDN Festival has shown us our customers have always been passionate about discovering new beers and buying from independent breweries. We’re really proud of the craft breweries we’re working with at Brew//TAPP. The platform allows breweries of all sizes to sell via their own online shop front, set their own prices and with quantities they’re comfortable with, creating new revenue streams for their businesses. We’re also here for people who prefer to buy beer online and those who can’t make it to the high street at the moment. It’s our mission to introduce more beer enthusiasts to amazing breweries during difficult times for the UK brewing community.” Toby Chantrell, Brew//TAPP & Brew//LDN Co-Founder

Since lockdown began consumers are not only widening their repertoire of beers but also increasingly looking to support local business during this time. Studies show that since lockdown began 79% of beer enthusiasts are more interested in supporting local and independent breweries, 65% of drinkers have ordered beer online, direct from breweries and 75% have done so for the first time. 86% of them say they will continue to do so and importantly most beer enthusiasts report that they are increasingly interested in discovering new beers: There can be no better way to do that than via the Brew//TAPP marketplace.

Brew//TAPP is a fantastically curated one stop shop for all beer lovers, from those who already have their favourite independent tipples to those keen to try out something new.

Visit today and enjoy 15% off all products throughout December with 48 hour delivery.

Press release from Grounded London on behalf of Brew//TAPP

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