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22nd April 2015

BrewCon 2015 in Dublin

BrewCon 2015 , Ireland’s first conference aimed solely at all levels of brewers & brewing, is being held on

Saturday, 9th of May in Dublin , at the historic Smock Alley Theatre .
As education in brewing is core to the National Homebrew Club, we will be raising the bar higher again with the launch of BrewCon 2015. The conference is aimed at all levels of brewing & brewers.
Over 150 attendees are expected to pack into the conference centre in Smock Alley Theatre; to hear about
the four cornerstones of brewing (Grain, Hops, Yeast & Water) from highly respected brewing industry
This year, BrewCon 2015 ‘s keynote speaker will be Chris White , President and CEO of White Labs Inc .; Chris
White is coauthor of Yeast: The Practical Guide To Beer Fermentation , co-designer of BrewMaster: The Craft
Beer Game , and has published numerous articles on yeast, beer, and fermentation.
There is a notable lineup of featured speakers from the industry, including:
Chris O’Flynn Malting Company of Ireland
Ben Adams Charles Faram Hops
Eddie Bourke Professional Microbiologist
Rory Sheils Ex Professional Master Brewer
This year’s BrewCon 2015 will also feature a panel of guest professional brewers, with the following
discussions: Going professional and advice & ideas towards improving recipe formulation. Speakers will
Recipe Formulation : Ben Adams – Charles Faram Hops, Grainne Walsh (Metalman), Ciaran Kelly
(Brewdog), Declan Nixon (S. Lambert & Sons) & Ben Adams (Charles Faram Hops)
Q&As: Metalman Brewing (Irl), Brewdog (UK), S. Lambert & Sons (IRL), Charles Faram Hops (UK),
Wicklow Wolf (Irl), Blacks of Kinsale (Irl), Rascals (Irl)
Some of the highlights at BrewCon 2015 will include:
● Cornerstone Ingredients – How each element affects their final result and how each can interact
and fundamentally change the end product
● Recipe Formulation – Advice & guidance from the panel of professional brewers
● Trends in Global Craft Beer Market – Feedback from April CBC Conference in Portland Oregon
● Lunch, sample beers & refreshments
● Intermission breaks to allow networking and exchange ideas
● After event drinks reception with some of the best commercially Brewed Beer in the country and an
opportunity to have a one on one to ask your specific questions to any of our speakers
● Goodie Bag
Speaking at the launch, Mr Rossa O’Neill, President of the NHC said:
“This is a rare opportunity for beer lovers and beer makers, to meet and learn from the proven experts”
This is a prepaid ticket only event. It will be limited to 150 places at 40 per ticket.
Tickets are available from
The National Homebrew Club (NHC) is Ireland’s single biggest collective of homebrewers, with representation in all four
Established in 2011, it was founded to fulfil the needs of homebrewers in Ireland.
The N HC has gone from strength to strength, currently with over 250 full members and 1,000 associates of the Club. It is a
non-profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers from all four corners of the island and it has put home brewing back on
the map. The club caters specifically for needs of home brewers, providing advice through a local club network and an active
online forum.
The N HC’ s biggest event every year is the National HomeBrew Championships, with over 450 entries in 2015; judging beer
to international standards, by 60 qualified BJCP judges and commercial brewers.
The primary role of the N HC is to improve the standard of home brewed beer and support those parties that want to make
their hobby commercial. Over 12 homebrewers, who have come from within our ranks, have taken the plunge to go
commercial in the last number of years.
It is active in promoting a range of activities include brewing demonstrations, organising training (BJCP), Little Talks sessions,
managing & supporting local and national competitions.
For further information about our event please check out our conference website
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