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12th September 2023

BrewCon London Returns to Walthamstow for 2023

BrewCon London is the UK’s first and favourite annual gathering of home brewers and beer enthusiasts. On Saturday the 7th October 2023, BrewCon returns to Walthamstow for a day of talks featuring expert speakers from across the world of beer, exhibitors from all areas of brewing and a range of brewing competitions.

The event will take place at Hackney Brewery and Wild Card Brewery on Blackhorse Road for two sessions.

The keynote speaker has been revealed as Jamil Zainasheff, renowned brewing author and The Brewing Network host.

This year brings a number of exciting firsts for BrewCon, including The BrewKegTap Club Challenger Cup and The Lallemand Pro-Am Trophy.

The BrewKegTap Club Challenger Cup

The BrewKegTap Club Challenger Cup is a new homebrew competition for BrewCon with a 300-entry limit. A brand new BJCP-sanctioned competition,this is open to all amateur homebrewers, with a focus on, but not exclusive to, the UK’s many great homebrewing clubs.

Prizes include the Highest Scoring Homebrew Club across all entries Prize – a £250 cash fund to be solely used by the club to organise a homebrew event in their town/region (Ts&Cs apply); the Club Challenger Cup Best Of Show Prize – A BrewKegTap sponsored Kegerator system (built on-site during the BrewCon 2023 event); and the Club Challenger Cup Champion Brewer Prize (TBA).

The Lallemand Pro-Am Trophy

Brought to you by Lallemand, The Pro-Am Trophy is a head-to-head event between professional and amateur brewers. For BrewCon 2023, the beer style featured will be British Lager. The competition will be hosted by beer, food and drinks writer, Melissa Cole.

Commercial brewers will be pitting their best examples of British Lager vs homebrewers’ versions to see which side will triumph, the pros or the amateurs. ‘British Lager’ means any lager style that predominantly uses British malts and British hops.

Prizes for the Lallemand Pro-Am Trophy include: best commercial brewer will win 2kg of Novalager yeast; The best six homebrewers win six sachets of Novalager and a six-pack of lager each; and top homebrewer also wins a Lallemand swag bag and a case of beer.

Tickets for BrewCon London are on sale now here.

SIBA Homebrewer members can attend the day session for free (select this option on the tickets page).

Simon Pipola, BrewCon co-founder, says:

“Every year we are very proud to hold BrewCon, an event which brings together hundreds of the UK’s amateur and commercial brewers alike. We always strive to improve the event year on year.

We’ve also (finally) managed to secure Jamil Zainasheff as Keynote speaker. We’ve been trying to get Jamil over for years, and everyone who loves brewing, or even just loves beer, should make sure not to miss his talk as he, quite literally, wrote the book on yeast.”


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BrewCon London

BrewCon is the UK’s first and favourite annual get-together for home brewers and beer enthusiasts.

Each year features a curated selection of talks from leading figures in the professional and amateur brewing scenes, and the BrewExpo, where exhibitors showcase the best and latest ingredients and equipment.

Press Enquiries:

Simon Pipola

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