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2nd November 2020


Last year's Brewer of the Year, Sophie de Ronde, with James Calder of sponsors SIBA

We had a record number of brewers nominated for this year’s Brewer of the Year award, which means we had to make some very difficult decisions whittling a large group down to a shortlist. Several criteria were considered: firstly, have they had a particularly outstanding year in 2020? Secondly, every single brewer nominated brews excellent beer. But have they also made a contribution that goes above and beyond that? Finally, we wanted to put forward a list that reflects the full breadth of our vibrant brewing industry – big and small, young and old, traditional and innovative.

You can see our five shortlisted brewers, and cast your vote for the one you think deserves to become our Brewer of the Year 2020,  on our dedicated page

All Guild members –  full, associate and corporate – can vote. Corporate members may not vote for their own brewer, and are limited to one vote per company.  Please cast your vote by Monday, 16 November.