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7th March 2023

Brewhouse and Kitchen are inviting women to join a networking event and come brew with them on International Women’s Day (March 8th)

As craft-beer continues in popularity we are celebrating a craft birthed and led for centuries by women

This International Women’s Day (Wednesday, 8 March) Brewhouse and Kitchen will join hundreds of women – including prominent figures and local community members – across Brewhouse and Kitchen’s brewpubs for their sixth annual FemALE Brewery Experience Day.

To date, 1,121 ladies have brewed with us in previous years, proving what a fun, community event this is!

As part of the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day – a movement banding together thousands of women in beer globally – the FemALE Brewery Experience will see participating ladies brew in the theme of ‘celebration’. Once the beer is tapped and ready we will be inviting everyone back to join in our 10 Year anniversary party on Sunday 26th March – yes, it’s 10 years since the 1st B&K opened in Portsmouth J

Beer throughout the ages has been accepted as a ‘man’s drink’ and the stereotype is statistically validated, 67.1% of male drinkers cite beer as their most popular choice of alcohol according to ONS figures. The origin of beer is therefore all the more fascinating given the history of brewing is strongly led by women. In Ancient Egypt, beer was almost entirely made and consumed by women, and through till the 18th century, all over the world, women were at the forefront of the craft. The brewing industry might still be seen by many as a bearded boy’s club, but “brewsters”—the medieval term for a female brewer—have been at its helm for centuries.

Until the 15th century, women were brewing and selling the majority of ale for both domestic and commercial use. After the Black Plague, when brewing became more commercialized, it moved firmly into the hands of men.

Now women are regaining their position back at the helm, with Brewhouse and Kitchen seeing continued growth in their number of females taking part in their Academy Brewery Experience Days and Beer Masterclasses.

Brewhouse and Kitchen Marketing Manager Gail Bunn says

“Women have greater ability to distinguish between high numbers of aromas and flavours, which is key to success in craft brewing. Along with this, beer companies are more aware of the importance of female beer drinkers and women now feel more comfortable to drink beer, attend pubs and contribute to the growth of the industry. We’re seeing this reflected in both our customers base and growth of women participating in our Brewing Academy, specifically our accredited, award-winning Brewing Apprenticeship program, which fosters successful careers in brewing.

On International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate women’s contributions to the industry, provide a great, fun day where women can either join us for the day or pop in for part of it, and bond over coffees, beer, breakfast & lunch.  If we are really lucky it may encourage new ladies to consider the trade by introducing them to the brewing process.”

For more information about the Brewhouse and Kitchen or to book your space on this complimentary event to celebrate International Women’s Day, please visit:


Press release from Brewhouse and Kitchen.

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