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1st December 2020


Low-alcohol craft shandy brand Shandy Shack have secured their first major grocery listing with Sainsbury’s through the Taste of the Future programme.

The new listings were launched on a fourteen-week trial after a successful rebrand and retail volume growth of almost 500% between March and June 2020.

The brand’s flagship IPA Shandy and its recently launched Elderflower Lager Top have begun being sold in 330ml cans in the Taste of the Future bay, across 70 stores in the UK.

Both products are lower-alcohol, vegan and gluten-free, and retail at £1.80.

Ed Stapleton, co-founder of Shandy Shack, commented, “Our recent growth reflects the increasing appetite of consumers for exciting new ways to moderate their alcohol intake. We believe moderation shouldn’t be an ‘all or nothing’ choice, and our shandies offer a seriously tasty way to cut down on units.”

After starting life in 2018 in the shape of a hand-built pop-up trailer bar, the brand toured the festival circuit, developing and perfecting their critically acclaimed IPA Shandy over the summer of 2019.

The IPA Shandy (2.8% ABV) pairs a heavily hopped IPA with an all-natural lemonade recipe, while the new Elderflower Lager Top (2.5% ABV) combines a dry-hopped pilsner-style lager with an elderflower pressé.

Shandy Shack expects to retain and grow this first major grocery breakthrough through 2021, with plans for further range expansion and brand activation in the works.

Press release from Sanity Marketing on behalf of Shandy Shack

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