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1st May 2024

Bristol Beer Factory Brewing a Bright Future with Move to New Modern Facility

Bristol Beer Factory (BBF) is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in their brewing journey as they prepare to transition from their beloved Victorian home to an innovative, future-focused location. Since its inception in 2004, BBF has been a driving force in Bristol’s dynamic brewing scene, proudly wearing the city’s name on its labels. Now, the iconic brewery is poised to elevate its operations to new heights in a modern and sustainable production facility.

Situated at the heart of South Bristol, BS3 has long been synonymous with Bristol Beer Factory. The new brewery location, just 1km away, will maintain the brewery’s connection to its South Bristol roots while providing much-needed space for sustainable growth and innovation.

Tom Clermont, Head of Sales at BBF, expressed enthusiasm for the move, stating, “The move to a modern site gives the brewery space to breathe and aids our ongoing commitment to being one of the best, most sustainable businesses in Bristol and in the UK.”

By investing in state-of-the-art equipment and embracing modern practices, BBF aims to reduce its environmental footprint on a per litre basis, aligning with its ambitious goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

Within the £2,000,000 spend there is a significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment that directly reduces carbon emissions. Some highlights include carbon capture storage, vapour heat recovery, and rainwater capture, reflecting Bristol Beer Factory’s dedication to circular economy principles and self-sufficiency.

Furthermore, the expanded capacity of the new site, capable of producing up to 30,000 hectolitres annually, will enable Bristol Beer Factory to create more job opportunities within the local community. Through the breweries initiatives like Brewed to Give – BBF’s self-imposed tax of 2% on total brewery sales that are reinvested back into Bristol each year, BBF continues to demonstrate its unwavering support for the city and its residents. Any increase in production will increase the funds allocated back to the brewery’s home city and the people in it.

Sam Burrows, Managing Director of Bristol Beer Factory, reassured customers that the essence of BBF remains unchanged with the move. “The brewery will maintain its commitment to crafting unique beers for independent pubs, supporting local venues, and contributing to community causes such as mental fitness charity Talk Club through initiatives like Clear Head, Bristol’s favourite Alcohol-Free beer. Since its conception in 2020, it has donated over £60,000.00 through the collaboration with Bristol mental fitness charity Talk Club. The demand is there to keep it coming and by stepping up brewing capacity, more lives will be saved through Talk Club’s essential work.”

As BBF embarks on this exciting new chapter in its history, Burrows conveyed his gratitude to the people of Bristol, saying, “Every beer you buy gives back to Bristol. As we grow, Brewed to Give grows. The promise to uphold the spirit of the city that inspires us remains at the core of BBF’s mission.”

Bristol Beer Factory will move into the new brewing premises by the end of 2024. With the Tap Room and head office remaining on the current site.

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