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13th March 2024

Bristol brewery Wiper and True celebrate 11th birthday with limited edition DIPA-strength release of flagship beer, Kaleidoscope

Wiper and True KaleiDIPA - Double IPA Photo by Adam Gasson / Wiper and True

In celebration of their 11th birthday this month, independent Bristol-based brewery Wiper and True are releasing a very limited edition celebratory take on their flagship beer, Kaleidoscope.

An 8.4% double IPA, the celebratory beer KaleiDIPA uses the same premium quality American hops and British malts as Kaleidoscope, the 4.2% pale ale that helped Wiper and True establish their reputation across Bristol and beyond. For the special birthday release, the brew team doubled the quantity of these ingredients, creating a bigger, bolder that still delivers the same rounded, balanced flavour profile as Kaleidoscope.

Speaking about the birthday release, Wiper and True’s founder and CEO Michael Wiper said:

“This is a proper birthday beer – our brewers have really gone to town to celebrate everything we love about Kaleidoscope, and quite literally doubling it. We used twice the amount of hops (Yakima Chief’s finest and freshest harvests of Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic) for bigger and bolder flavours of tropical juice and refreshing citrus zestiness. We also doubled the quantity of wheat for a thicker, fluffier mouthfeel that’s really satisfying without becoming cloying or sickly. This is the biggest beer we’ve brewed in years, in a style we don’t usually explore at Wiper and True, and we’re so pleased with the results. It tastes fantastic – like Kaleidoscope with its party hat on.”

Released to consumers on March 18th, KaleiDIPA will be available both on draught and in can, across the United Kingdom and within Wiper and True’s own taprooms in Bristol. The beer can also be purchased online through Wiper and True’s website:

Find out more about Wiper and True’s birthday events and other product releases here:


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About Wiper and True

Wiper and True are an independent craft brewery based in Bristol, who focus on creating Beautiful Beer whilst reducing their impact upon the planet, and respecting their team, stockists and suppliers. Originally nomadic brewers, the team now operate out of a world class facility based in Old Market, Bristol, where they obsess over creative recipes, brewed with skill and care for balanced, refined and refreshing drinking.

For samples or further information please email

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