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20th April 2023

Bristol brewery Wiper and True to release exclusive cask mild beer into Fullers Pubs, in celebration of Mild May

In celebration of CAMRA’s ‘Mild May’ campaign next month, Bristol brewery Wiper and True have brewed a batch of a traditional cask-only mild, launching exclusively into Fullers pubs for sale next month. Brewed to 3.7% ABV, the beer is called In My Dreams, and will be pouring in Fullers pubs from throughout May.

Speaking about the partnership, Wiper and True’s Head of Marketing Alice Howells said:

At Wiper and True we absolutely love a mild. It’s a beautifully humble, traditional beer style which earns its spot on any bar. The magic of mild is found in the balance between hops, malt and yeast. Each ingredient brings its own characterful flavours, but none are too overpowering. Our brew team have been hard at work researching this historic style, and have created something wonderfully drinkable, that keeps you coming back for more.

We’re hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy a pint of In My Dreams and celebrate Mild May. ”


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About Wiper and True

Wiper and True are an independent craft brewery based in Bristol. Their focus is on creating refined, carefully considered beer in the most sustainable way possible. The business started life in 2012, with three friends creating homebrew beer on their kitchen stovetops. Over the next few years the trio produced beer nomadically, brewing through the night and at weekends at breweries across the country. In 2015 Wiper and True built their own brewery in Bristol, where they brewed for the next seven years, before expanding into an additional bespoke new brewery and 500-person capacity taproom in Old Market, Bristol, in July 2022.

If you require any further information at all, please contact