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19th December 2014

Brussels Beer Project reveals its plans for its future collaborative brewery & its « Beer for Life » Crowdfunding

Brussels beer project

 Brussels Beer Project, the innovative brewing company built around co-creation, reveals its plans for its future collaborative microbrewery located in Brussels downtown, rue Antoine Dansaert, and its new edition of Beer for Life  Crowdfunding.

A project based around co-creation

Co-creation and collaboration are part of the Brussels Beer Project ‘s DNA. Every year, a community of Beer Lovers from Brussels are invited to taste their new prototypes and choose the best of the lot. “Delta” and “Grosse Bertha” were the happy winners in 2013 and 2014, respectively. In September 2013, the Beer Project also launched a successful crowdfunding campaign seducing over 350 new ambassadors to get going.


Flashforward, in less than 18 months later, this new brewing adventure led by Olivier de Brauwere and Sebastien Morvan experienced good momentum and we now find their beers in over 100 cafes & shops in Brussels and in a total of 9 countries.


A new kind of microbrewery in the heart of Brussels

Located rue Antoine Dansaert, just next to the Canal, the Brussels Beer Project chose the historic beer quarters of Belgium’s capital to home its new microbrewery, with the ambition to become a hub for co-creation. Indeed, the idea is to design a collaborative brewery making both a community of beer lovers interact directly with their creations and also inviting brewers from around the world to share savoir-faire. To this date, the Beer Project travelled to Canada and Brazil for collaborative brews, the founders now wish to invite fresh foreign talents to brew with them in Brussels.


Over 600,000 bottles and more than 20 recipes per year are planned to be brewed in their new 500m2 premise, that used to be a brewery until the early 20th century. Given the emphasis on creating new tastes & flavours at Dansaert, all-year round beer will continue to be brewed with their partner brewer, Bier Anders. Some degree of patience is needed before seeing stainless steel tanks come back to this old brewery. Renovation work is now planned and opening is scheduled for late Summer 2015. A total investment of 500,000 euros is needed, as top-notch German technology was favoured over simpler equipment with limited flexibility.


Beer for Life crowdfunding to fund the microbrewery

The Brussels Beer Project aims to build on last year’ success and just launched its crowdfunding campaign with a simple formula: Beer for Life. For 160 euros, every new member will have the right for 12 beers… every year… all his/her life! The members will also get a 5% discount on anything bought at the microbrewery they would have helped to fund. This campaign is on their website and an Open Day is scheduled for Saturday December, 20th.



Contact :

SEBASTIEN MORVAN – 0032 471 633696