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24th January 2017


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Budweiser Budvar are broadening their UK portfolio by forming strategic partnerships with credible, craft drinks brands that meet the growing opportunities in the UK market. The first of the partnerships to be announced are with Cidersmiths: An independent UK cider brand, and with Angioletti UK: the sales office for craft Italian cider and beer producer LM Melchiori.


The move comes on the back of continued growth for Budweiser Budvar UK and the partnership means the Budweiser Budvar UK’s sales team will sell the partner brands alongside its own portfolio of award winning premium Czech beers.


The associations have been made on what all companies see as the ultimate collaboration for the companies and their customers. Supply arrangements for all existing customers will remain unchanged.


Simon George, Managing Director, Budweiser Budvar UK Ltd said ‘Our team has worked hard over the last two years to put the brand into solid growth in the UK by engaging with leading on and off trade customers. We see these partnerships as an extension of our core values of authenticity, provenance and quality.

The trends in the UK cider market highlight the move towards credible premium products and both Cidersmiths and Angioletti answer that consumer demand. As consumers seek alternatives to Italian macro brands Angioletti UK’s range of Italian craft beers offers a stunning alternative with the gluten free beer also enabling us to respond to this growing trend. This is just the start of our next phase of growth and innovation for Budweiser Budvar UK and we are currently talking to a small number of other brand owners about exceptional products that match our company values.’


Will Austin, Cidersmiths, co-founder, explained “Budweiser Budvar is a fantastic brand with provenance, tradition and history and is enjoying strong growth with the huge consumer interest in both Craft and World Beer.  The profile of Budweiser Budvar consumers is very similar to Cidersmiths, and our collaboration will help put both brands in front of more of those drinkers. Cidersmiths has delivered exponential growth in 2016, as consumer preferences shift towards ciders made from 100% apple juice. The deal with Budweiser Budvar gives us the resources to step up to the next level and beyond, it’s a really exciting time.”




David Peek, Angioletti UK’s Managing Director, views the partnership as a ‘win-win’:  “Whilst Budweiser Budvar UK is a larger and more established business than Angioletti UK, I believe our companies and our products share many of the same values – Budweiser Budvar’s motto of ‘no shortcuts’ is one that could apply to our ciders, which are always made from 100% juice, which is pressed, fermented and bottled in Italy, or likewise our beers, which are only ever brewed at LM Melchiori’s on-site microbrewery to strict artisanal principles, and are always unfiltered.”


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For further information on Budweiser Budvar please contact:  Jo Miller at Nurture Drinks on 07779 347937 or email –





About Budweiser Budvar UK Ltd

Budweiser Budvar is brewed in the Bohemian town of České Budějovice and is wholly owned by the people of the Czech Republic and brewing exceptional lager something of a matter of National Pride. Budweiser Budvar celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2015 but the town itself has a history of brewing for over 700 years.



Budweiser Budvar UK’s current range –


  • B:Original: Budweiser Budvar’s “No Shortcuts” approach to brewing combines whole cone Saaz hops, finest Moravian malts and ice age soft water with a 102 brewing and maturation process to produce what is universally recognised as one of the world’s greatest lagers 5 % abv – available in 330ml, 500ml bottles; 330ml, 500ml cans and on draught


  • B:Kraüsened : Unfiltered and unpasteurised, Kraüsened goes through a double fermentation process is everything you’d expect from a hazy golden lager with a fuller and crisper feel.  0 % abv – on-trade exclusive in draught only


  • B:Dark: The special blend of Munich, Caramel and roasted malts give you the hints of freshly roasted coffee with a bitter chocolate essence that lasts to the finish. It didn’t win world’s best dark lager for nothing 7% abv – available in 500ml bottles and on draught


  • B:Free We continue to use our celebrated Moravian barley and legendary Saaz hops for an earthy spiced aroma with a hint of bitterness. We take nothing away from the beautifully synchronised sweet-bitter equation except the alcohol. 5% Max abv – available in 330ml bottles


  • B:Dark Cherry Its our dark lager with a twist – brewed from the base of Budweiser Budvar dark and blended with juice from local cherries. An easy drinking bitter dark chocolate palate with a distinct cherry finish.  4 % abv – on-trade exclusive in draught only


  • Fresh Hops Imperial Lager Our Fresh Hops Imperial Lager combines specially selected Moravian barley and artesian water from our Original lager with the freshest Saaz Hops, picked in the first harvest of the Summer and used immediately in the brew. This is then matured for 200 days, allowing the beer to evolve into a striking, honey lager with a snappy palate and a dry finish. 7.5% ABV – on-trade exclusive in draught only


About Cidersmiths

Founded in 2014, Cidersmiths debuted with their Harry Masters’ Jersey and Michelin & Brown’s ciders before adding the more complex vintage Sixpointsix to the range in February 2015.  Early successes in London were soon bolstered with nationwide expansion.  Draught cider in kegs came in 2015. Harry Masters’ Jersey in 330ml cans followed in 2016 and is proving increasingly popular.  A “Bristol Draught” cider launched for the spiritual home of cider is the most recent addition to the portfolio.



Cidersmiths’ current range – available on Draught, 500ml bottles and 330ml cans


  • Harry Masters’ Jersey: From the dark red flushed fruit of Harry Masters’ Jersey, a refreshing and distinctive medium sweet blend with a well-rounded flavour. 4.5 % abv


  • Sixpointsix: A rich, full-bodied blend of vintage apples, oak-aged for a complex and satisfying flavour. The strongest cider in the range. 6.6% abv


  • Bristol Draught: Blended to perfection suing the finest Somerset apples for a beautifully rounded flavour with a light sparkle. Made in Taunton using traditional craft methods perfected over 200 years of cider making. 5.5% abv



About Angioletti UK

Established at the start of 2016 as the sales office for craft Italian cider and beer ‘sidro birrificio’ LM Melchiori, Angioletti UK has already gained significant distribution in both On and Off Trade including national listings with Carluccio’s, Bella Italia and Tesco.  Aswell as their main brand: Angioletti craft Italian cider, the company’s portfolio also includes a range of Italian craft beers.  Whether it be using apples from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in cider-making, or water from the Italian Dolomites in brewing, the company is committed to using high-quality local ingredients in all of it’s products.


Angioletti UK’s current range –


  • Angioletti Secco sparkling craft Italian cider: Made from 100% freshly pressed Italian apples fermented under pressure to produce an elegant, delicate, naturally sparkling, ‘Secco’ (medium-dry) cider. 5 % abv – available in 330ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles


  • Angioletti Rosé with Blueberry sparkling craft Italian cider: Made from 97% freshly pressed Italian apples blended with 3% blueberry juice resulting in a beautiful pink colour and a refreshing, fruity style. 4 % abv – available in 750ml bottles


  • Angioletti ‘Mela Rossa’ craft Italian cider: Made pre-dominantly from red-skinned varieties of apples (‘Mela Rossa’), this lightly sparkling style of cider is full of crisp apple flavours. 5 % abv – available in 330ml bottles


  • Bionda Trentina Italian craft beer: The ‘Blonde from Trentino’ is a smooth, gently hoppy unfiltered Helles-type beer crafted by head brewer Matteo Corazzolla.  7 % abv – available in 330ml bottles and on draught


  • Pura Gluten Free Italian craft beer: This medium-bodied Helles-type beer provides a gluten free alternative for fans of genuine Italian craft beer.  7 % abv – available in 330ml bottles