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19th June 2023

Bullapalooza A Celebration of Community, Beer, and Good Times!

Bullhouse East, a vibrant and community-oriented bar located in East Belfast. The bar recently celebrated it’s first year and threw a festival to mark the occasion… Bullapalooza.

Bullapalooza, was held last weekend (Friday 9th to Sunday 11th June) it was an incredible celebration that marked a significant milestone for our bar – its first anniversary! We invited local food traders and breweries to join us in commemorating the occasion. The festival attracted an astonishing turnout of over 20,000 people, creating an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

One of the aspects that made Bullapalooza truly remarkable was the strong sense of community that permeated throughout the event. We take great pride in the community we have built around Bullhouse East, and the festival provided the perfect platform to showcase the unity and camaraderie that exists within East Belfast. Families revelled in the festivities, friends danced joyously to 90s classics, and children were captivated by the live entertainment and interactive games. It was a truly inclusive and memorable weekend that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

We wanted to shine a spotlight on the success of our festival but also highlight the positive impact our bar has had on the community in East Belfast. By sharing this story, you would be giving your readers a glimpse into the vibrant and engaging atmosphere that Bullhouse East has cultivated.


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Notes to Editors

About Bullhouse Brewing Company Ltd

Bullhouse Brew Co began back in 2011, when founder William Mayne got a taste for great beer on a road trip around the west coast of the US with his brother.

Coming back from the trip, William started homebrewing on the farm he grew up on just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. After homebrewing for four years, he set to work converting the old bull’s house on the farm into a tiny 500sq ft brewery. Working full-time and living at home to save money, over the space of 12 months he converted the Bullhouse into a small brewery, buying second-hand equipment from dairy farms and other breweries across Ireland, including a mash tun made from a converted catering fridge.

Even before launching Bullhouse onto the market, the difficulties operating in Northern Ireland – the most restrictive beer market in Europe – became obvious. But the desire to put new styles of beer on the market and the idea of making a tiny dent in this ridiculous system overcame any doubts about the viability of the project.

Before long, the weekends and evenings started creeping into the afternoons, and eventually, in September 2017, William took the plunge to pack in the day job and go it alone, brewing P45 for the occasion. One of the early successes was winning Champion Beer of Belfast at CAMRA’s Belfast Beer and Cider Festival in November 2017.

Fast forward to September 2020 and backed by a Bounce Back Loan, the team (now grown to 3) finally moved out of the cramped Bullhouse to a 6000sq ft industrial estate in south Belfast.

Bullhouse opened Belfast’s first permanent brewery taproom (Bullhouse East) in June 2022, a pivotol moment of change in the local beer industry. Bullhouse now sells their beer throughout Northern Ireland, GB, the Republic of Ireland, France, Italy and the Netherlands and employ 25 people across the brewery and taproom.

For more information on Bullhouse Brew Co please contact Stuart Quayle:

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