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21st July 2020

Campervan Brewery to kick off summer holidays with the release of two new beers!

The Scottish Brewery has kicked off summer holidays with the launch of MIMOSA, a new fruity sour beer part of its Signature Range and a White IPA, second edition of its Transient IPA Series.

MIMOSA, a cocktail inspired beer

This 4.8% ABV raspberry and apricot Berliner Weisse is a cocktail inspired sour beer. The lemony acidity of the German beer style gives the fresh kick to the sweetness and softness of the apricot and raspberry. This perfect balance will make your mouth water, like a refreshing Mimosa.

MIMOSA is a tribute to the Leith Brewery iconic range “Wandering”, well known for its fruity beers like “Neon Blitz”, “A Lotta Peach” or the more recent “Exotic Burst”.

Part of Campervan Brewery Signature Range, MIMOSA has though been created as a summer beer and will see its main fruits addition changing over the next releases.

Paul Gibson, founder of The Campervan Brewery to say:

”Fruity beers will always be a part of Campervan’s identity. Following recent additions to our ‘Lost In Leith’ range and the ‘Transient IPA Series’, we always like to hit the summer months with a few fruity, sessionable beers”

 The beer, which has been released at the beginning of July, is already a success and can be found on the Campervan Brewery Web Store or in a selection of bottle shops. 


Transient is a series of ever changing IPA’s. Come on an adventure with us as we experiment with different hops, yeast and malt bills to bring different styles to life.

The second beer in our Transient range is a bold 6% ABV White IPA. Sabro and Ekuanot hops bring a big tropical fruit cocktail aroma of lychees, mangoes and pineapples. These sit on a soft body of wheat, which is gently supported by a spicy yeast blend.

 The talented Katie M Guthrieknown by KMG who is a mural artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh, has created transient aesthetic and can’s design.

With a strong focus on character design, pieces of her work can be found hidden around the streets of the world and beyond. Taking inspiration from her snowboard and skate roots and their relationship with Scottish culture and environment, a weird combination of youthful enthusiasm mixed with utter cynicism leaves her work with a sarcastic, raw yet playful tone.

Paul Gibson, founder of Campervan Brewery says:

“Working with Katie on this project was a perfect match as we share the same passion for skateboard and surf culture, as well as the great outdoors and environment. The aesthetic she gave to our Transient IPA Series is reflecting perfectly Campervan Brewery’s roots, and the playful tone and character we wanted to give to the series and the beers themselves.”

Transient IPA #2 – White IPA is launched on the 20TH of July and can be found on the Campervan Brewery Web Store or in a selection of bottle shops.

About Campervan Brewery:
Started as a way to find some respite while he was looking after his family afflicted by illness, Paul Gibson began to professionally brew beer in 2015 in his garage or in his VW Campervan converted in a mobile brewery, “The Hoppy Camper”.

After struggling to keep up with demand, Paul decided to open The Campervan Brewery in Leith in January 2017.

The brewery hasn’t stopped growing since, with the opening of a taproom in August 2017 and the increase of their brewing capacity from 50HL to 120HL in 2019.


Social media:
Twitter: @campervanbrew
Instagram: campervanbrewery