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9th November 2023

CAMRA shortlisted for the British Guild of Beer Writers awards 2023

A host of content produced by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has been shortlisted for the British Guild of Beer Writers Awards 2023. The content includes output from its educational Learn & Discover platform, articles written for the Campaign’s dynamic news website What’s Brewing and books published by the consumer organisation this year.

CAMRA regularly publishes ground-breaking books about pubs, beer, brewing, cider and perry.  Publications from CAMRA Books have been nominated and received multiple awards from the British Guild of Beer Writers, as well as Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards and the Gourmand Awards.

Collaborating with esteemed writers, influencers and film makers, the award-winning Learn & Discover site hosts an abundance of educational articles, videos and audio material.

Alex Metcalfe, CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery Manager, said: “I am ecstatic to learn that so much content from CAMRA has been shortlisted for the prestigious British Guild of Beer Writers awards. There is a wealth of quality material from both our publishing arm and on our Learn & Discover website. I cannot wait for the award ceremony later this month.

“Both our shortlisted authors, David Jesudason and Des de Moor, deserve all the plaudits they are receiving (and will continue to do so) with their latest stellar titles. Putting it simply, your bookshelf isn’t complete without their books!

“I am so happy to see collaborators from the Learn and Discover website rightly being shortlisted too. The new content on the online platform continues to entertain, educate and enthral.”

Commenting on this year’s finalists, Guild Director Jonathan Garrett said: “It’s said every year, but the quality of this year’s entries was exceptional, and in some categories we wanted to give gold to everyone on the shortlist. What was really pleasing to see, on top of the extraordinary storytelling and beautiful writing, was the breadth of topics covered both by individual authors and across the board. It made the judging extremely difficult, but all the more joyous.”

See below for CAMRA’s and its collaborators’ award nominations.

Best Book About Beer or Pubs

  • Desi Pubs (published by CAMRA) – Written by award-winning journalist and beer writer David Jesudason, the ground-breaking book Desi Pubs is a fascinating guide to British-Indian pubs, food and culture, taking the reader on a journey to parts of Britain that are seldom visited. The book is a celebration of 21st-century Britain and the forgotten people who created our modern, multicultural country.
  • CASK (published by CAMRA) – Discover the origins and history of cask ale with author Des de Moor and how the drink has developed and changed over time. CASK takes you behind the scenes to learn about the brewing process, from malting to conditioning. Gain a deeper understanding of the craftsmanship behind every pint.


Best Corporate Beer Communication 

CAMRA submitted the following pieces from its Learn & Discover platform:

  • Ukrainian Golden AleFilmed by Kyiv writer, translator and educator Lana Svitankova, the first Certified Cicerone in Ukraine, this immersive documentary shines a light on the unusual beer style. Lana’s short film unveils the history of Ukrainian golden ale and its flavour profiles. The video is also available to watch on CAMRA’s YouTube channel here.
  • Ukrainian Social Clubs – Award-winning author of 50 Years of CAMRA, Laura Hadland, puts a spotlight on the proud heritage and history of Ukrainian social clubs in the UK. Founded by displaced persons forced to flee Ukraine after WWII, they have been fortified and strengthened by new generations of migrants, refugees and British-born Ukrainians who work together to protect and share their culture, language and traditions.
  • Grodziskie: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Polish Champagne’ – Beer writer Ruvani de Silva introduces readers to this little-known style of beer. Illustrated by Christine Jopling, the article details the Polish smoked wheat beer’s beginnings, long and interesting history, eventual decline and contemporary revival.
  • Community Ownership of Working Men’s Clubs – Drinks writer Rachel Hendry explores the revolutionary way Social & Working Men’s Clubs are owned and managed, noting what differentiates a club to a pub.

Best Communication about Pubs

CAMRA submitted the following pieces from its Learn & Discover platform:

Best Video Beer Communication

CAMRA submitted the following pieces from its Learn & Discover platform:

  • Meaning of Pubs – Jessica Mason and Emma Inch
  • Ukrainian Golden AleLana Svitankova
  • Introduction to Belgian Beers – Curious about Belgian beer? Join author of CAMRA’s Beer Breaks – the essential pocket guide to European beer travel – Tim Webb as he explores eight classic Belgian beer styles. Filmed by Bill Bradshaw in association with Visit Flanders, the short film is also available to view on YouTube here.

Best Communication about Cider

CAMRA submitted the following pieces from its Learn & Discover platform:

  • World of cider: Hardanger – The second instalment of CAMRA’s World of Cider video series, renown cider expert Gabe Cook, otherwise known as The Ciderologist, meets Norwegian cider producers in Hardanger. Attending the Hardanger Cider Festival, Gabe learns of the history of Norwegian cidermaking, the practicalities of producing cider in Norway and the country’s ever growing cider tourism scene. Filmed by Haritz Rodriguez, the documentary boasts of breath-taking shots of fjords and the stunning Norwegian landscape. The trailer for the film is free to view on CAMRA’s YouTube channel here.
  • Intro to sparkling cider – The first in a cider series by Rachel Hendry exploring why some ciders are still while others are sparkling. Rachel details the science and processes involved in making different styles of cider, from the importance of fermentation to the multiple methods of carbonation.
  • A day in the life of a harvester – Harvest is the busiest time of the year for anyone involved in apple growing and cider making, with long hours and lots of hard work. Rachel asks what actually is involved in the harvesting of apples?
  • What makes a good harvest – Agricultural workers’ labour is tied so closely with that of their orchards, the run up to harvest can be an anxious time. Without apples to harvest there would be no cider to drink or sell and Rachel explores what really makes a good harvest.

Laura Hadland is also a regular columnist for CAMRA’s online news platform, What’s Brewing, and was shortlisted in both the Best Business Beer Communicator and Best Communication about Diversity in Beer awards. Her articles can be viewed here.

The full shortlist can be viewed here. The winners will be announced on Wednesday 29th November at the Guild’s annual awards dinner.


About CAMRA:

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