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2nd March 2018

Cask Ale Week 2018 launches with new look and new resolve for 10th anniversary

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Cask Ale Week 2018 has been launched with a new look. The new logo for the ‘Week’ incorporates the shape of the cask end and a pump handle.

“The look feels more positive,” says Frances Brace, promoter of Cask Ale Week. “It’s a stronger identity, with good standout.”

Logo variations include black on white, white on black, greyscale and – doffing a hat to ‘brewed in Britain’ – red, white and blue. This gives flexibility to the many different participating pubs and breweries for their online and hard-copy marketing.

“Some will prefer the simplicity of the monochrome approach, and others will want to brighten their imagery with the strong primary colours. Either way, it’ll look good.”

Cask Marque director Paul Nunny, who runs the Week says the 10th birthday is a good time to evaluate and celebrate the contribution of cask to pubs and to the industry.

“With the choice of food and drink venues increasing all the time, it’s crucial to promote what’s special about pubs. In my book, that means cask-conditioned beer.

“The process of brewing cask ale is completed in the cellar, making it unique to pubs and different from other beers. Kept well and marketed properly, it drives footfall.

“Cask contains no added gas, so readily falls into the ‘natural’ category. There’s a huge following for natural, unadulterated food and drink that is produced in the most environmentally-friendly way – and licensees looking to exploit that market should highlight how real ale fits into this category.

“Of course, one of the challenging things with cask beer is its shelf life, with firkins needing to be sold within 3 days of opening. This is a compelling reason for putting real effort into marketing and PR activity around your offer. And Cask Ale Week provides a fantastic platform.”

Pubs, breweries, trade organisations, CAMRA branches, organisers of festivals and groups of individuals are all invited by Paul to use the platform of Cask Ale Week. “The only requirement is that the beer should be served in top notch condition. Other than that, the world’s your oyster. You decide on the promotions and activity to suit your business or organisation. Just tell us about it and we will also promote.”

Cask Marque promotes Cask Ale Week through its Caskfinder App. There are 30,000 beer and pub explorers who use it to join in The World’s Biggest Ale Trail. Over the 10 days of Cask Ale Week their use increases by 65% – and incentive if ever there was one for pubs to get involved.

“Cask ale production epitomises the craft of brewing art and science. Here is something Britain does differently and well. There are thousands of superb cask beers across the country – and they are worth celebrating. Cask Ale Week gives brewers and licensees a great opportunity to showcase their range and their brands, promoting them with renewed vigour.”

It’s easy for pubs and breweries to join in. Decide what you’re going to do 20th – 30th September to celebrate your cask beers, download the logos from the Cask Ale Week website, and let know your plans for Cask Ale Week 2018.


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