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1st March 2018

Cask Marque introduce Cellar Audits

Cask Marque has frequently been asked to undertake cellar audits, both as part of a training exercise and to see if a pub is using best practice to improve beer quality and yields.  Research from over 2,500 audits undertaken to date shows the common areas where improvement can be made.

We have from the audit developed a star rated system for the cellar called Scores on the Cellar Doors.
Going forward it has been agreed by the Cask Marque Directors that all new nominations for Cask Marque will need to undertake, and pass, a cellar audit before being accredited.  On average over 1,000 pubs apply for the Cask Marque award every year.  Comparing the Cask Marque pass rate to the star rating on Scores on the Cellar Doors shows it has a significant effect on beer quality.

With these learnings Cask Marque will also be encouraging all renewals to also have a cellar audit which costs just £25+VAT.

For further information, please contact Paul Nunny:
07768 614065

Editor Notes
• Cask Marque has over 10,000 pubs with the Cask Marque award
• 77% of cask ale drinkers recognise the plaque and 63% know if is a quality symbol
• Scores on the Cellar Doors is part of our Grain to Glass scheme where we:
o Inspect Breweries – SALSA+Beer
o Supply Chain management – Distributor Charter
o Cellar Management – Scores on the Cellar Doors
o Beer in the Glass – Cask Marque
• Cask Marque is also the leading provider of cellar management training using 8 venues across the country