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20th August 2017

Cave Direct launch cask beer and cold room

For the first time in their 38-year history, national speciality beer distributor Cave Direct will be selling cask beer.
Customers in the south-east of England will be able to buy the core range of Tiny Rebel cask from us, as well as receiving all the equipment and expertise needed to serve delicious, traditional real ale.
Despite being an importer we’re hugely proud of British beer. Real ale makes our drinking culture unique throughout the world and we’ve always wanted to support it. While cask beer is by no means in decline, it hasn’t received the attention that new keg beers have from either the drinker or the publican. As a result, quality has taken a dip and we want to do something to arrest that.
“In taking on a line of cask from Tiny Rebel we’re hoping to help raise the quality of the sector as a whole,” explains marketing manager, Jonny Garrett. “With this in mind all our casks will be cold-stored in our new cold warehouse and we’re offering a manual to all the accounts that buy cask, along with free equipment and a manual to look after it and serve it right.”

Cask beer will also launch with Cave Direct West in the next few weeks, and hopefully at our northern warehouses by the end of the year. We also hope to extend the range over the next few years to include imported cask and a few more exceptional British cask brewers.
For press enquiries contact Jonny on 07766015541 or For trade enquiries email