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13th July 2017

Celebrate the return of Game of Thrones with these character and beer matches!

To celebrate the release of Game of Thrones’ seventh season, Yorkshire-based Little Valley Brewery’s food scientist and Master Brewer, Wim van der Speak, has matched beer types with some of his favourite Game of Thrones characters to enjoy in anticipation of the upcoming season.


Game of Thrones has taken over our screens, and in some cases our lives, and shows no signs of stopping soon. Here at Little Valley Brewery, we understand that there’s nothing better than kicking back after a long day to a nice beer and your favourite TV series so we decided to have a little fun and pair the nation’s favourite beers with Games of Thrones characters!”


Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons – Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

The pale and powerful IPA is the ideal match for the pale and powerful Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons. It’s unique combination of sweet and hoppy perfectly reflects her leadership qualities. Just like Khaleesi, this beer is designed to survive long journeys across exotic lands (and is great with a curry!) A strong beer for (arguably) the strongest character.


Aria Stark – Pale Ale

It only made sense to combine a crisp and fruity Pale Ale with the one and only Arya Stark. Nimble on her feet and quick with a sword, the refreshing hops match her youthful energy whilst hints of malty flavouring add a little kick to the beer when you least expect it, much like her fighting skills. With a deliciously dry and bitter finish, this beer is not one you easily forget.


Sansa Stark – Ginger Pale Ale

Arya’s Stark older sister, Sansa, didn’t get off to the strongest start in the series and that’s why we paired her with a light Ginger Pale Ale. However by no means is this a drink for the weak. Offering gentle hints of citrus and ginger, the Ginger Pale Ale is the perfect accompaniment with a spicy meal, meaning the beer, just like Sansa Stark, can hold it’s own.


Jon Snow – Bitter

Bold, malty and full-bodied, have you guessed it yet? Or do you know nothing Jon Snow? This rich, red-brown coloured ale uses a variety of different hops, something a little different from the average beer because Jon Snow is something a little different from the average member of the Night’s Watch. With a crisp and fruity taste, this beer goes down nicely with a steak and ale pie, much better than that awful broth Jon Snow is used to!


Jaime Lannister – Stout

Rich, creamy and easy to drink using just one hand, we paired the Stout with none other than King Slayer, Jaime Lannister. Traditionally known for its durable strength and made with roasted malts the Stout is the perfect match for the strength of Jaime Lannister.


Cersei Lannister – Old Ale

On the other hand (not the golden one) the ale offers a rich yet sharp taste, one that could only be paired with the malicious Cersei Lannister. Its full bodied taste reflects Cersei’s dark, powerful side as she (spoiler alert!) takes her place on the iron throne.


Tyrion Lannister – Blonde Beer

It seems only fair that a flagship beer is worthy of the flagship character, Tyrion Lannister. The bright yellow blonde ale adds a little colour to even the darkest of days (or families!) whilst it’s smooth, malty taste goes down a treat, just like Tyrion’s quick wit.


Ser Bronn of Blackwater – Dark Porter

We paired a porter with the tenacious Ser Bronn of Blackwater. This dark style of beer reflects his dark lifestyle with an acidic, dry taste and the occasional note of smokiness. However, we all know that he’s capable of a softer side, as we’ve seen with his loyal defence of Tyrion Lannister, much like the notes of rich, creamy chocolate.


Samwell Tarly – Wheat Beer

Last but certainly not least, we paired the lovable Samwell Tarly with a fermented wheat beer. The beer’s naturally light tones reflect Sam’s lack of bravery and skill, but he certainly makes up for this with his loyalty and kindness, which is evident in the fresh and fruity notes of the beer.


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