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17th December 2020

Celebration Edition ERDINGER Weissbier can released for the festive season

Unique moments deserve something special and, regardless of how people are spending this festive season, ERDINGER Weissbräu has released celebration edition cans of ERDINGER Weissbier to bring everyone together, no matter how far apart, and make their celebrations special.

The celebration edition can is the latest in a series of activity to mark the Bavarian wheat beer‘s association with brand ambassador, Jürgen Klopp and are available from Beer Hunter at The elegant can design features a representation of Jürgen Klopp’s image and signature on a golden, gloss can with a gilt effect ribbon running across it.

Peter Gowans, UK Country Manager of ERDINGER Weissbier commentedAfter a difficult year, we are all looking for something to brighten our festive celebrations, even if we are not able to be with our loved ones. For anyone who is looking for a premium beer to savour over Christmas and New Year, the limited edition gold celebration can from ERDINGER Weissbier is perfect for festive occasions and underlines the characteristics of quality and enjoyment that ERDINGER shares with its ambassador, Jürgen Klopp.”

“ERDINGER Weissbier is brewed using the ‘Bayerische Edelreifung‘, or double maturity method“ continued Gowans. “This gives the beer time to mature after the initial fermentation process with the fine yeast giving the beer its gently spicy, lively and harmonious taste. It’s the perfect beer to enjoy this Christmas; on your own, watching football on TV or spending time with family and friends in person, in your social bubble or in virtual celebrations.”

Limited edition ERDINGER Weissbier 500ml celebration gold cans are available now exclusively from Beer Hunter at

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ERDINGER Weissbräu is a private brewery, established in 1886 in the small town of Erding, Bavaria, on the outskirts of Munich. For over 130 years, the outstanding quality of their wheat beers has been rooted in their passion for Bavarian brewing skills. They have always brewed exclusively in Erding and never brewed anything other than the Bavarian speciality wheat beer.

ERDINGER Weissbier – original wheat beer brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law 

This classic wheat beer blends gently spicy malt aromas with mildly bitter hops. Its secret lies in the unique ERDINGER brewing yeasts. They provide the fruity notes and unmistakably fresh flavour. The finishing touch for every ERDINGER Weissbier is a further specialty: the “Bayerische Edelreifung” or double maturity method. After the main fermentation process, the beer is given the time it needs to mature a second time in the bottle. This allows its delicious lively nature and the harmonious interplay of its various aromas to fully unfold.

Press release from Kate Hempsall PR on behalf of Erdinger

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