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13th June 2017

Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company launches Wimbledon Brewery Copper Leaf Cheddar

Wimbledon Brewery are proud to announce the launch by the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Co. of a cheese based on their Copper Leaf Ale, made from American and British hops.

Described by its makers – the only cheddar producers of located within the actual village of Cheddar in Somerset – as “a match made in heaven: gentle mellow traditional cheddar combined with the extraordinarily delicious Copper Leaf Ale,” the cheese initially goes on sale in their shop in Cheddar.

Here are some notes from John and Katherine Spencer, the team behind the cheese:

“We select the correct age cheddar (our ‘mellow’ which is around 6 months old; old enough to have the traditional cheddar qualities but not so strong that it competes with the beer flavour). Our specification is set at half a litre of beer per 3Kg of cheese which aims for a 16% content approx.”

Mark Gordon, Founder of the Wimbledon Brewery, says `Here at the brewery we celebrate the best of British artisanal food and drink production, and so we’re honoured that the only cheddar producer still located in the village of Cheddar has chosen to produce this special example using our beer.”

Wimbledon Brewery Copper Leaf Ale Cheddar will be available to try at the Brewery’s joint open day with La Credenza (importer of fine Italian food) at their neighbouring units in Wimbledon SW19 on 14th June from 10am to 6pm.

The Wimbledon Brewery range in retail comprises


Quartermaine IPA 6.2%

Tower Pale Ale 5%

Gold Lager 4.8%


Bravo American Pale Ale 5.5%

Copper American Red Ale 4.5%

If you have any questions about the brewery, its people and its beers, or need some imagery, please contact me via or call +44 7876 835 752