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10th May 2024

Chouffe Brewery Launches Collector’s Edition of Big Chouffe in Waitrose

Available for two weeks only in nationwide Waitrose stores in the run up to Father’s Day

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MAY 2024 // Award-winning Chouffe Brewery is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its 2024 collector’s edition of Big Chouffe. The limited-edition, magnum sized bottle will be available in nationwide Waitrose stores and on Waitrose online in the run up to Father’s Day from 5th June – 18th June.

In keeping with tradition since 2005, a new artist is commissioned to craft playful artwork on the bottle each year. This year’s bottle features unique art illustrations by renowned Belgian comic book author Michel Constant, skilfully depicting the mischievous nature of Chouffe’s beloved gnome mascot, Marcel. 

Big Chouffe magnums are filled with the wildly popular Belgium blond beer La Chouffe – the first beer to come out of Chouffe Brewery vats 40 years ago. The flavours of the beer open with spicy notes and hints of citrus, followed by the refreshing aroma of fresh coriander. This gives the beer a floral feel, which is complemented by a hint of banana and a long finish. 

Big Chouffe has been especially designed to be shared with friends and family, making it the perfect, rare gift for this Father’s Day.  

Available to purchase in nationwide Waitrose stores and online from 5th June – 18th June  

RRP £14  

About the Chouffe Brewery 

The Chouffe Brewery stands as a pioneering force in Belgium’s modern craft beer movement. In 1982, brothers-in-law Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts embarked on the Chouffe journey in the enchanting Valley of the Fairies, brewing their inaugural batch in a garage. The 49-litre brew of the iconic La Chouffe marked the beginning of a rebellious spirit. Challenging the mundane imagery of monks on front labels, Marcel the Gnome, Chouffe’s iconic mascot, symbolized the brewery’s identity as a challenger brand. Today, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes Forest, the brewery continues to produce delightful beers, featuring iconic gnomes like Marcel, Micheline, Malcolm, and Matthew, crafting brews such as La Chouffe, Cherry Chouffe, and Chouffe 0.4%. // @chouffe_UK 

Contact: Meadhbh Maxwell

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