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4th July 2017


Shepherd Neame is proud to introduce Cinque (5% ABV) five grain premium lager.


Our brewers have blended barley, rye, wheat, maize and rice with Strisselspalt hops to produce a clean, superior tasting, high-quality lager.


Head brewer Richard Frost said: “Using five grains gives Cinque a complex flavour with a deep and satisfying mouth feel, while the use of aromatic French Strisselpalt hops lends a distinctive refreshing citrus note.


“Cinque is a genuine premium quality lager, with the grains combining to produce a long lasting head that helps retain the flavour, presenting our customers with a great beer.”


Cinque’s name derives from the Norman-French word meaning five (pronounced ‘sink’) and pays tribute to Shepherd Neame’s home town of Faversham, a member of the confederation of Cinque Ports. The Cinque Ports were established in the 12th century to maintain ships ready to protect the coast from foreign invaders.


Tasting notes: Five grains provide a complex but clean malt base overlaid with a delicate and refreshing citrus aroma.


Cinque is available now nationwide on keg (30L and 50L) and in 330ml bottles (24X330ml boxes) from August.




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