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6th March 2018

#ColdChain distribution and what it means for the UK beer industry


Fresh from their crowdfunding investment success last year, The BottleShop is now providing a fully refrigerated ColdChain distribution channel from brewery to bar. Shipments are collected at 6°C from leading US breweries including Great Divide, Modern Times and Alpine, shipped in 6°C containers (or air-freighted), transported in chilled trucks, stored in their 6°C London warehouse and served from fridges in their Bermondsey bar.

So why is this such a big step forward for the UK market? BottleShop founder and Managing Director, Andrew Morgan explains: “Offering a six-degree Celsius journey from brewery to bar means that we’re able to work with some incredible breweries who just didn’t have the confidence to export to the UK before. Now they know their beer is going to taste as the brewer intended, with no loss in quality due to ambient shipping and storage. Our customers can enjoy beautifully fresh #ColdChain beer that, in some instances, is less than a week old.”

While the domestic craft beer industry is set for a taste explosion of awesome #ColdChain US beer, European and home-grown breweries will also benefit. Leading Scandinavian brewery, Omnipollo, recently transported refrigerated pallets direct to The BottleShop’s East London warehouse and many UK brewers are excited at the prospect of brewing fresh beer that won’t face loss of quality due to distribution compromises.

All #ColdChain beers, easily identified by their blue ColdChain logo sticker, are available at The BottleShop’s bars in Bermondsey, Canterbury and Margate, and the social media hashtag #ColdChain is now firmly established across social media. While the UK may just have escaped the arctic blast last week, the cold is here to stay for beer lovers.

For more details about The BottleShop’s #ColdChain Programme, contact