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22nd May 2017

Comment from Alcohol Information Partnership on new research on alcohol from UCL

Commenting on the research published today in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs,  Dave Roberts Director General of the Alcohol Information Partnership said:

“The research by UCL and Pennsylvania State University adds to our understanding of how lifestyle choices can impact on health and the importance of maintaining a smoke free, active life and if choosing to drink alcohol an adult should do so in moderation.

“Despite efforts by some to cloud the issue, the core findings reported for the study appear to be wholly consistent with the more than 100 research studies in the last 40 years showing that moderate and light consumption of alcohol can be beneficial and part of a balanced lifestyle for many adults. These include a recent report by Cambridge University that studied the health records of 2 million people and found that alcohol can have a positive impact on the health of our hearts.

“In the UK alcohol consumption has been falling for many years and the overwhelming majority of adults drink in a convivial manner, in moderation and within the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines, this position has been achieved without additional heavy handed Government intervention or additional regulations.”


For further information or to organise an interview please call Dave Roberts on 07733323350 or

Twitter @DGAlcoinfo