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8th May 2012

Corrie legend shows beer with cheese is a marriage made in heaven

Ex Corrie legend Sean Wilson, now a great artisan Lancashire cheesemaker, has been taste-testing a perfect partnership – British beer with British cheese.

The actor, who played, Martin Platt in the nation’s top soap, has teamed up with celebrity chef Richard Fox to put some of Lancashire’s finest cheeses through a taste test with some of Britain’s best beers – with some great results. The tasting, at the Hartshead Inn in Ashton-under-Lyne, features in a new ten-minute episode of Richard’s Beer & Food Show, which can be viewed on the BeerGenie website.

Richard Fox is on a mission to turn wine buffs into born again beer ambassadors. Once you’ve tasted cheese and beer together, you’ll wonder why wine and cheese was ever such a popular marriage. Britain’s ales and lagers are a particularly good partner to British cheese. The secret to this great taste combination lies in beer’s ability to ‘cut through’ the fattiness of cheese, cleansing the palate, ready for the next bite.

Self-confessed foodie Sean’s perfect artisan cheeses were matched up with a range of great beers.  From crumbly to creamy, tasty to deeply veined blue, Richard matches a beer for each of Sean’s cheeses, showing how it complements the flavour effortlessly.

A crumbly, young and acidic cheese went wonderfully with Blue Moon, and the effervescence of a Pilsner lager was great with a creamier cheese.  The more robust, older cheeses perfectly complimented the malty robustness of a full-flavoured English ale.  And he sweetness of a blue cheese made for perfect flavour contrast with the bitterness of a stout, bringing balance to the palate, and rounding off the beer flavours beautifully.

The film goes on to visit the Lord Billing in Cheshire, which is famed for its cheese, under Chef Proprietor, David Mooney.  Goat’s cheese was pleasantly paired with a raspberry wheat beer, mimicking the magic of beer with chutney:  “With all these wonderful beers, everything matches up so well,” was David’s verdict.

“I wanted to take on the challenge of converting a couple of dyed-in-the-wool wine and cheese aficionados into born again beer buffs in a on- on-one cheese and beer taste challenge, says Richard Fox. “Sean Wilson and David Mooney really embraced the grain over grape as the beverage of choice to accompany the heavyweights of British cheese.”


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For more on Sean Wilson’s range of cheeses, see

This film was sponsored by the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), and its Beer Genie campaign promoting the world of beer:


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The BBPA is the UK’s leading organisation representing the brewing and pub sector.  Its members account for 96 per cent of the beer brewed in the UK and own half of Britain’s 51,000 pubs.


This is the 4th film in the Beer & Food Show series, with other episodes featuring  … Previous episodes cab viewed here: The series is designed to highlight the huge variety of beer styles and flavours, and to showcase how there is a beer to match every type of food.


Episode 1: Richard Fox takes a tour around the Molson Coors brewery in Tadcaster, learning more about the natural ingredients used in the brewing process; before cooking a delicious biryani for the grateful staff.


Episode 2: Richard Fox heads to the picturesque Lake District to sample what the local pubs have to offer in terms of food and beer. Working with local chefs the joys of matching beer with a wide range of foods is brought to the fore. Richard ends by rustling up some superb Scotch eggs, the perfect snack to accompany a beer!


Episode 3: Richard Fox visits Edinburgh, and joins pub owners at the vanguard of beer and food matching. He heads to the Caledonian brewery, brewers of Deuchars IPA, to understand how their beer is made and to make some traditional Scotch Pies.


Richard Fox is a celebrity chef, broadcaster and writer. He is known as The Beer Chef. He wrote his first book, The Food and Beer Cook Book, in 2008, and has led Beer and Food masterclasses, demos and shows across Europe.


Beers featured in the film include Thwaites, Wainwrights, Blue Moon, Guinness, Black Sheep, Tatton Brewery, and Fuller’s Vintage Ale.


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