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23rd September 2022

Craft Beer Co. Opening New Paddington Site

Craft Beer Co. is opening a brand-new site next to Paddington train station in  November 2022 

Founded in 2011 by Martin Hayes with childhood friend Peter Slezak, who earlier  in 2009 had opened London’s very first craft beer pub in Pimlico SW1 ‘CASK Pub  and Kitchen’. The Craft Beer Co was the first pub group in London dedicated to craft beer and led the way in creating a dramatically improved pub landscape in  the capital and beyond. The business is still 100% owned by the two founders. 

Commenting, Hayes said “this is a very significant moment for the business, we  are looking boldly and optimistically to the future and are very excited about this  opening which is very well situated for the post pandemic landscape. It is a  completely different world today than when we essentially invented a new pub  category back in 2009, but our mission remains the same: being the tip of the spear  of the pub and beer revolution that has swept through UK. Our commitment to  

combining world class hospitality with sourcing the best beers being made  anywhere without any compromise is still a unique and unmatched offer.” 

The deal was put together by David Kornbluth at CDG


The Craft Beer Co operates sites across London (Brixton, Clerkenwell, Covent  Garden, Limehouse, St Mary Axe and Hammersmith) as well as a site in Brighton. 

Press release from The Craft Beer Co.

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