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30th October 2020

Crumbs Brewing unveil a new design for their 3 beer gift pack designed by guild member Martin Barfoot

Crumbs have recently started working with the John Lewis group to launch their beers into 175 Waitrose Stores nationwide. They also sell their gift packs via John Lewis stores and, in preparation for Christmas, have unveiled a brand new design for their 3 beer gift pack. Designed by Martin, the brief was to create impact at shelf and get their unique brewing approach across to potential buyers.

44% of all bread made in the UK never gets eaten. That is a shocking waste.

Crumbs Brewing do their bit to address this growing problem by making their beers from bread that would otherwise go unsold. They use leftover loaves from their local artisan bakery, Chalk Hills, in Reigate, Surrey. Each brew uses a different leftover loaf in its recipe. That way the style and flavours of the loaf are reflected in the taste of the beer.

Martin says “The new gift packs do a great job of catching buyer’s attention on shelf. Once people stop and engage with the story and the positive message of fighting food waste most are very willing to make a purchase. The pack is a great way to discover that the beers not only do good but taste great as well”