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24th April 2012


Belgian Organic Beer brand Daas is delighted to announce that Daas Ambré was awarded Best Beer at the 2012 FreeFrom Awards in London last week.

The 2012 awards were presented by Antony Worrall Thompson at the 5th annual Food Awards party on 17th April 2012 at the Museum of London in Docklands. Judges praised Daas Ambré for “enabling  gluten-free beer to hold its head up in the pub”,  and called it “an excellent, well balanced beer – with a deep amber colour, a yellow head, fruity aroma and fruity flavour – good and rounded with a dry finish.” Daas Blond was also Highly Commended in the category, which was sponsored by ASDA, and described as “Clean and refreshing with a good body and a nice creamy head. Complex flavour but with a nice dryness.”

Coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) is estimated to affect 1 in 100 people in the UK[1] . The Daas production method it is the result of eighteen months of research. Their de-glutenisation process, which extracts the gluten from the beer, ensures the consumer still tastes the very best of traditional ingredients, hops and malted barley.


Daas’ mission is to offer the finest Belgian beers to the widest possible audience – including those who are gluten intolerant, and anyone who chooses organic products that are free of chemicals and fertilisers. Daas does not believe that brewing with rice, sorghum or corn can truly achieve the optimum flavour profile of a premium beer. They focus on only the best hops and barley for an authentic, rich taste.


Both beers are “Top Fermented Bottle Conditioned beers” meaning they undergo a second fermentation in the bottle, similar to Champagne production. Not only does this contribute to the overall quality and flavour of the beer, it also ensures that the liquid remains stable for longer than a pasteurized beer.

The company currently produces three craft beers for the UK and international markets at the moment: Daas Organic Ambre (6.5% ABV), Daas Organic Blonde (6.5% ABV) and Daas Organic Witte (5.0% ABV).  Each brew is hand-crafted by one Master Brewer with his two dedicated assistants.  Daas was inspired by 900 years of Belgian brewing history and still strictly follows these ancient traditions today.







About Daas Beer

Daas has brewed premium beer in Belgium for four years, and has been marketing in the UK since 2009.
Daas is the only Belgian beer brewed in Belgium to carry the UK Soil Association Organic certification as well as the Belgian Certsys Organic certification.
Daas Beers are brewed in Hainaut, the Belgian province known for its fine hand crafted beers and part of the agriculturally rich Walloon Region
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