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16th August 2023

Distribution Service, Please!


A Zine Update

As some of you will already know our project this year at Burum Collective is Service, Please! our zine for hospitality workers, by hospitality workers. This is a project that was born from an event called Common Ground Conference, which was a panel that we hosted back in 2021 alongside other representatives of the hospitality industry.

This zine project is well underway, with written pieces from Otto Taylor-Rickard, Yasmin Begum, Ophira Gottlieb, Douglas Nelson, Ariane Parry, Simon Matthew, Hannah Roberts, Ceara Coleman and Camille Smithwick. All hospitality workers past and present, who have been commissioned to either write short pieces of written work, or illustrative work.

Our mission is to get this into the hands of as many service staff as possible, and for this project to work we need your help.

What We Need

Attached is our Distribution document where you can read a quick run down on exactly what we’re trying to accomplish, and what we need.

If you don’t work in trade/wholesale/product distribution, but you do work in the industry then you can help in other ways, for example we would massively appreciate it if you could spread the word to other industry peers. You can also donate to this project directly via the support page on our website.

As always let us know if you have any questions.

Contact us at: &

How Can I Help

Contact us at: &

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