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26th February 2024

Drop Bear Beer Co. – Alcohol-Free Craft Brews Straight Out of the Wild

Drop Bear Beer Co. – Alcohol-Free Craft Brews Straight Out of the Wild

6 Reasons to love Drop Bear

Hidden in the deep eucalyptus forests of Australia lives the elusive Drop Bear – a beast shrouded in myth and urban legend. Now, Drop Bear Beer brings the unique spirit of this iconic marsupial to life in the award-winning lineup of alcohol-free craft brews.

Drop Bear Beers capture the wild essence of the legendary Drop Bear from the Australian bush straight in the can.

Founded by wife-and-wife team, Joelle Drummond from Wales and Sarah Drummond from Australia, Drop Bear offers a range of bold, flavourful beers that just happen to be alcohol-free. Refreshing. Aussie.

Here are 6 reasons you need to get your paws on these straight-from-the-wild brews:

-Real Beer – Drop Bear uses pure, quality ingredients:  Their beers are alcohol-free real, authentic craft beer, not a watered-down imitation. The wild is in every can.

-Award-Winning – Drop Bear’s brewers have won multiple awards from around the world for their alcohol-free beers. You can expect seriously great flavour worthy of the elusive Drop Bear namesake.

-Carbon Neutral – Drop Bear offset emissions and are proud to be a carbon neutral brewery. Every beer supports their sustainability initiatives.

-Low Calorie – Drop Bear’s brews contain 85% less calories and 300% less sugar than average alcohol-free beers. Enjoy the flavours guilt-free.

-Vegan Approved – You won’t find any animal products like lactose in their beers. Every batch is 100% vegan and kind to animals, including of course, Drop Bears!

-Gluten Free – Their beers are naturally low in gluten thanks to their ingredients and process. They further treat them to reduce gluten below 10ppm, meeting gluten free standards.

“We created Drop Bear Beer Co. to capture the essence of Australia’s wilderness in a can,” said Co-Founder, Joelle Drummond. “Our beers taste like taking a walkabout through the Outback.”

Co-Founder, Australian born Sarah Drummond added, “Our brewers have mastered the art of crafting great Aussie flavour without the alcohol or excess calories. Our beers are crisp, refreshing and go down easy – just like a cold one after a bush walk.”

While many have claimed to spot the mystical Drop Bear in the wild bush, no one has confirmed its existence. But one thing is certain – our Drop Bear beers will satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Inspired by new world hop varieties from the Southern Hemisphere, Drop Bear’s alcohol free lager is a punchy Tropical IPL (India Pale Lager), New World Lager, Yuzu Pale Ale and Bonfire Stout.

Pop open a tinny of Drop Bear Beer and let your tastebuds run wild!

Drop Bear is now available in stores nationwide and online at

Grab a case and unleash your inner Aussie!


About Drop Bear Beer Co.:

Drop Bear Beer Co. is the largest alcohol-free craft brewery in the UK, founded by Joelle and Sarah Drummond. The company has gained recognition for its unique blend of Welsh and Australian influences, commitment to sustainability, and a diverse range of award-winning, alcohol-free craft beers.Images:

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