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1st September 2021

Dry Drinker Advent Calendar is back for festive season… but be quick!

Britain’s leading retailer for no-and-low alcohol drinks, ‘The Dry Drinker’, has this week confirmed its advent calendar will be back to buy, from August bank holiday onwards, to spread festive dry cheer throughout the party season. The Dry Drinker experienced unprecedented demand for its calendar in the run up to Christmas last year so the race is on!

While the Dry Drinker site has experienced increasing demand over the last few years, owner Stuart Elkington feels like he has witnessed a genuine change in how the UK drinks. He adds: “From what I’m seeing, the UK is drinking less and want interesting and accessible choices available to them.”

Low and no (as it’s affectionately being called) alcohol alternatives now make up 1.3% of the total beverage alcohol market in the UK. And while, in some segments of the market, this is driven by short periods of abstinence (Dry January/Stoptober), Millennials/emerging Gen Z’s are consistently seeking greater choice in the low alcohol space and, increasingly, the health conscious older generations are also getting in on the act too.

“Advent calendars are an undeniable part of the fun of Christmas so last year we joined the party and it was a huge success! The UK loves a drink and advent calendars have understandably jumped on this trend. However, there’s such an appetite now for alcohol-free and people wanting to be part of Christmas festivities but without having to resort to booze  – especially so early in the month! .” says owner, Stuart.

Christmas can be a difficult time and I have always been of the opinion that if there’s good quality alternatives in place, giving up or cutting down on booze becomes much less of a problem. The No and Low scene has experienced an unbelievable amount of innovation and the success of last year’s advent calendar proves the need for this category to be represented alongside the boozy calendars – there’s a place for all of it!” Stuart adds.

It could be a warming stout, a robust craft beer, or a lively lager… Yule have to wait and see. They’ll all be different, alcohol free and delicious!

Dry Drinker calendars go live on  this weekend. Fast acting customers (first 500) will get a 20% discount but the total price  is £54.99. Includes delivery.


Notes to Editors:

Dry Drinker’s advent calendar will consist of 12 bottles numbers and 12 cans of surprise beers all especially chosen for their quality and great flavour. A Dry Drinker glass will be hidden in there too for the customer to enjoy their 24 beers.

For a surprise beer every day in the countdown to Christmas to enjoy with a free branded glass.

Dry Drinker was created in 2015 by entrepreneur Stuart Elkington. Stuart, on seeing the lack of attention given to the Alcohol Free sector and tasting some terrible alternatives, set out to build a platform that was as functional as an online wine and spirits site but dealt only with quality non-alcoholic drinks. Over the last three years, Dry Drinker has built up a loyal and trusted following that continues to rave about the offering through excellent reviews and in turn, have become Dry Drinker’s unofficial ambassadors.

Dry Drinker now has over 300 products in its offering including 150 beers and 80 wines and sparkling wines. Placing an order is a simple process with delivery arriving the next day if the order is placed before 4pm. For first time customers a 10% discount can be applied to the order.

Press release from Dry Drinker

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