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17th December 2014

EBCU endorses “The Brussels Beer Challenge”

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We are very honored to receive the EBCU endorsement. The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) is a nonpolitical,

non-religious organization formed to co-ordinate the European activities of the European National Beer  consumer organizations. Their main goal is preservation and promotion of the European Beer Culture.
Another aim of the EBCU is to approve and endorse beer competitions in order to inform the beer consumer about the value of an award. The EBCU ‘Beer competition Charter” ( provides
a set off rules en guidelines.

We are very proud to announce that the Brussels Beer Challenge applies to all rules of the EBCU Beer Competition Charter.

“During its November meeting in Dublin, the European Beer Consumers Union has taken the decision to endorse the Brussels Beer Challenge competition. In doing so, EBCU now endorses four competions, i.e. World Beer Cup, European Beer Star, Birra dell’ Anno (Italy) and Brussels Beer Challenge.

The Brussels Beer Challenge is one of the largest beer competitions in the world, and adheres to all the criteria that EBCU has defined for establishing the quality of beer competitions. EBCU has established these criteria to
ensure that competitions are transparent and objective and by being so add to credible consumer information. Congratulations to the organizers.”