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17th February 2023

Elland’s 1872 Porter named Champion Winter Beer at the Great British Beer Festival Winter

Elland Brewery has scooped Gold in CAMRA’s Champion Winter Beer of Britain (CWBOB) competition with their 1872 Porter, a 6.5% ABV deep ruby porter that has been awarded the top prize three times before.

The competition returns for the first year since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following more than a year of local tasting panels and regional heats, Elland’s 1872 Porter was named overall champion, with accredited European Beer Consumers Union beer judge and chair of the CWBOB judging panel Christine Cryne calling it “A jet black strong porter, with alcohol, green apples and chocolate on the nose.”

She adds: “The porter is citrus, sweet milk chocolate on a smooth full flavoured palette, complex but easy drinking. The fruitiness fades to a roasted dryness where the sweet chocolate lingers and spiciness builds.”

Runners up were Robinsons’ Old Tom 8.5% ABV (Silver) and Dancing Duck’s Dark Drake 4.5% ABV (Bronze).

Scott Hutchinson from Elland Brewery said: “Thank you so much to the judges, tasters, organisers, and everyone involved with the Great British Beer Festival Winter for judging our flagship 1872 Porter the Champion Winter Beer of Britain for the fourth time in our twenty-year history! We’ll have to change the bottle labels again…

“As a tiny independent cask brewery, the support of CAMRA and its members is utterly invaluable to us. Steve, Joe, Rob and Scott (for that is all of us) would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who continues to trust our commitment to quality traditional ales.

“Like everyone else, Elland Brewery has had to weather some storms in the past couple of years. Lockdown tried to end us, the current economic climate is rocking the boat, the UK pub trade is taking a hammering, cask is always under threat, but we firmly believe that cask is king and quality will always shine.”

The Champion Winter Beer of Britain competition marks the first day of the Great British Beer Festival Winter, which is running from 16-18 February at Burton Town Hall, Burton upon Trent. It provides an opportunity to showcase the best traditional winter brews in the country, out of categories such as barley wines, strong old ales and stouts.

The Great British Beer Festival Winter features a range of ales from dark, strong winter ales to light hoppy ales. The festival also sees the launch of CAMRA’s Festival Code of Conduct, which aims to make CAMRA festivals a better place for everyone, and that attendees, staff and volunteers know where they can raise feedback or get assistance if they need it. The Festival Code of Conduct will then be rolled out to all following CAMRA festivals.

Laura Emson, CAMRA’s National Director responsible for the competition, says: “Congratulations to Elland on their win, this was a highly competitive final round.

“We’re so happy to be back at the Great British Beer Festival Winter, and I want to thank the volunteers and judges who have made the festival and the Champion Winter Beer of Britain possible. Congratulations again to Elland Brewery and all our category winners.”

This year’s Gold, Silver and Bronze award winners will be available to sample throughout the Great British Beer Festival Winter this week.


Notes to editors:

All category winners 

Category Winner Silver Bronze
Brown Ales, Red Ales, Old Ales and Strong Milds Brampton’s Mild Sarah Hughes’ Dark Ruby Great Corby’s, Fox Brown Ale
Session Stouts and Porters Dancing Duck’s Dark Drake Thurstons’ Milk Stout Beowulf’s Dragon Smoke Stout
Strong Stouts and Porters Elland’s 1872 Porter Fixed Wheel’s Blackheath Stout Ashover’s Milk Stout
Barley Wines and Strong Ales Robinsons’ Old Tom Exmoor’s Beast Darwin’s Extinction
Speciality, Differently Produced Chapter’s Dead Man’s Fist Black Hole’s Milky Way Treens’ Smoulder
Speciality, Flavoured Marble’s Earl Grey IPA Purple Moose’s Elderflower Ale Siren Craft’s Broken Dream Breakfast Stout

Runners up judges’ tasting notes: 

Robinsons (Silver): “Robinsons’ Old Tom was a close second. A strong dark ale tasting of sweet butterscotch with chocolate and caramelised fruit flavours, overlaid with dark chocolate orange and sultanas. This is a mix of fruit cake and dark chocolate cake.”

Dancing Duck (Bronze): “Dancing Duck’s Dark Drake is a remarkably full flavoured beer for its alcohol content which stood up well against the two other winners. It’s got a sweet chocolatey nose and the citrus flavours blend well with the roasted chocolate on the sweet palate, with a hint of smoked malt and treacle. Finish is spicy and sweet with a roasty dryness.”

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