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31st March 2023

Energy Bill Relief Scheme data and spokespeople available for interview ahead of its final day

Key data on the EBRS scheme ending:

  • From 1 April the average pub is expected to pay almost £20k more for their energy bills (this based on a pub with a weekly turnover of £9k)
  • On average pubs will need to increase turnover by at least 11% just to breakeven, even with the current EBRS support in place, their turnover would need to be 8% higher to do so.
  • Wholesale energy prices are, on average, lower now than they were in March 2022

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) is available for interview on the EBRS scheme ending to discuss:

  • The need for suppliers to offer renegotiation to businesses locked into sky-high contracts, especially as wholesale prices fall
  • Overall impact sky-high energy costs are having on the industry and how pubs are trying to make ends meet

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association said:
“Pubs across the country are on the edge of closure due to extortionate energy costs and absolutely nothing is being done to stop it.

“Business owners are dreading the end of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme, with the average pub needing to increase their turnover by 11% overnight from 30 March to 1 April just to breakeven.

“It isn’t right that suppliers are now paying less for energy, and yet small, community-minded pubs are still being forced to pay inflated rates to heat their buildings and keep their lights on.

“Pubs are completely out of options and are reducing staff and opening hours to try and save money, but even that is not enough because the energy costs are so incredibly high. The Government must step in and insist suppliers offer renegotiations for businesses trapped in outrageously expensive contracts or risk many facing ruin in the coming weeks and months.”

Publicans are available for interview to discuss impact of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme ending this weekend including, focusing on:

  • Sharp increases in energy bills (tripling in some cases)
  • Poor conduct by energy suppliers (cancelling contracts, refusing supply, adding charges to parts of the bill not covered by EBRS)
  • Insisting businesses take on longer-than-usual contracts at inflated rates
  • How extreme energy costs are impacting their businesses, from cutting staff numbers to turning off lights in their pubs
  • How they support their communities but that is coming under threat due to energy costs

General pub data:

  • 550 pubs closed for good during 2022, more than in 2021 or 2020
  • Recent polling showed 69% of the nation think pubs play an important role in bringing communities together
  • The UK’s beer and pub industry supports close to 940,000 jobs
  • The beer and pub industry adds £26.2billion to the UK’s economy each year


For more information or to arrange an interview contact / 020 7627 9199

Notes to editors: 

About the British Beer & Pub Association
The BBPA represents UK companies which between them brew over 90% of the beer sold in the UK and own 20,000 pubs.

Our members include international companies, national and local brewers and pub businesses operating managed and tenanted pubs in cities, towns and villages across the country.

These businesses are at the heart of communities and local economies and include family businesses who have been brewing beer and running pubs for hundreds of years alongside emerging brewers and pub operators.

For more information or to arrange an interview contact / 020 7627 9199.