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22nd November 2021

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei channels Dry January awareness to support 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer charity

Bavarian brewery ERDINGER Weissbräu is backing the Move charity initiative ‘5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer (5KYW)’, for its UK ERDINGER Alkoholfrei Dry January activity for the second year running. 5KYW is a community initiative that encourages those living with and beyond cancer to meet at designated parkrun events on the last Saturday of every month to help them derive the benefits of exercise whilst socialising in a supportive environment.

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei country manager Peter Gowans explained “Rather than talking about giving up alcohol for Dry January, we want to make more people aware of the role that exercise and alcohol-free beer can play within a balanced lifestyle. As a long-time supporter of marathons, triathlons and cycling events around the world, ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is asking people to make a commitment to complete a 5k their way, every week for five weeks as a positive start to 2022 and which they can continue as a lifestyle choice throughout the year.

“We want people to complete a 5k their way every (Alkohol) Freiday, starting on 31st December 2021 through to the end of January 2022, making a £5 contribution to 5KYW for each one completed. They can do the 5k in whatever way they can safely manage and that works for them; run, walk, cycle, paddle, skateboard, roller skate, or even hop! Alone or with friends, anything goes, and they can even chunk the 5k down into smaller distances over the week if they would like to. There will be social media spot prizes for those taking part, including acknowledgement for the most innovative and inspiring participants as it really is 5k YOUR Way! Everyone who joins in will know that they are making a difference by getting more active themselves and supporting a small but life-changing charity at the same time.”

Move charity organises a series of support mechanisms, including an online cancer rehab programme for children and young people, as well as coordinating 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer support groups at parkruns on the last Saturday of every month. 5KYW is a coffee morning with a difference and welcomes anybody affected by cancer in any way. The groups walk, jog, run, cheer or volunteer as they seek the benefits of exercise including reducing cancer related fatigue, improving psychological wellbeing and helping to preserve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness. But most importantly, the meet ups are social, fun and supportive.

One of the co-founders of 5KYW is former Ironman Champion and long-term member of the Team ERDINGER Alkoholfrei elite sports group, Lucy Gossage who now focuses on her work as an oncologist. Lucy added “Exercise is so important in our lives and it offers so many benefits for those living with, and beyond, cancer. The 5KYW groups that meet at parkrun are inspirational and uplifting. Over the last year we have been able to expand the support we offer those living with and after cancer through online workshops and Move Your Way exercise Sessions, the Move Against Cancer podcast and an ever-growing collection of educational and inspirational resources from members of our community and cancer and exercise experts. We know there is so much more that we can do to help people and the ERDINGER Alkoholfreiday challenge will be a huge step in implementing our ambitious plans for 2022.”

Anyone undertaking all five 5k’s will receive a customised medal to mark the achievement and there will be ERDINGER Alkoholfrei goodies given as spot prizes for participants every week. The popular wheat beer has become synonymous with endurance events and an active lifestyle thanks to its isotonic properties which helps to quickly replace lost fluids and quench thirst after exercise. In January 2021, the partnership between 5KYW and ERDINGER Alkoholfrei generated over £5,000 and the hope is that more people will get involved in 2022 to make an even bigger impact.

Anyone who wants to start off the New Year with a positive resolution can join in with ERDINGER Alkoholfrei-days by registering at The first day of the campaign is Friday 31st December 2021 but participants can complete their activity at any point in the week and for as many weeks as they like and either upload a Garmin tracker, or record details manually. Entry is by donation to the 5k Your Way Move Against Cancer initiative of £5 for each week of participation and photos or stories submitted from activity will be welcome for use on social media.

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About ERDINGER Alkoholfrei – The sporty thirst-quencher

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, the non-alcoholic beer with isotonic properties, is a true multi-talent. Spicy malt notes harmonise excellently with caramel-sweet nuances. Enjoyment is enhanced by the stimulating bitterness of our aroma hops and a hint of light, fruity acidity. This is rounded out by finely sparkling carbonic acid.

Isotonic drinks have the same so-called osmotic pressure (approx. 290 mOsmol/kg) as human blood, i.e. they have the same concentration of dissolved particles. As a result, the concentration of such drinks does not first need to be compensated by the body and the ingredients can be absorbed immediately and enter the bloodstream. ERDINGER Alkoholfrei also contains vitamins B9 and B12 which promote the normal functioning of the body’s immune system. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important and ERDINGER Alkoholfrei supports these choices.

About 5k Your Way Move Against Cancer 

MOVE charity was founded in 2016 by international athlete Gemma Hillier-Moses who was diagnosed with stage 3 Burkett’s lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, in 2012 at the age of 24. She was told to rest and was not given any advice or help about exercising and cancer.

Oncologist and ex-professional triathlete, Lucy Gossage, championed the benefits behind exercising with and beyond cancer to her colleagues and patients but there was no platform to signpost them to. Gemma and Lucy united to launch 5k Your Way Move Against Cancer and there are currently 55 active 5k Your Way groups across the UK and Ireland involving over 185 ambassadors who all volunteer to lead their group, with every group linked to their local parkrun event.

Their goal is to encourage everyone diagnosed to live a healthy and active life and give them the opportunity to attend one of the 5k Your Way groups to start Moving Against Cancer. With co-founders Gemma and Lucy at the forefront of 5KYW, the community is made up of participants and volunteers; individuals who have been affected by cancer.

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