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5th June 2017

Estrella Damm launches a new short film celebrating all things Mediterranean  


Estrella Damm, the beer brewed in Barcelona since 1876, launched its latest short film, The Little Things, starring leading Hollywood talent Jean Reno. This piece celebrates the Mediterranean lifestyle with a story of cultural and gastronomy discovery, paired with delicious beer.


The Little Things starring critically acclaimed international actors Jean Reno (Leon, Ronin, Mission: Impossible) and Laia Costa (Victoria), perfectly embodies Estrella Damm’s ethos of saying “yes” to cultural and gastronomic offerings; going out and meeting people, immersing yourself in the local creative scene.


Estrella Damm is a pioneering beer brand in the creation of short films, starring leading Hollywood talent, to convey its brand values. The Little Things is the second film of this kind after Vale, starring Dakota Johnson and directed by acclaimed director Alejandro Amenábar, released in 2016.


James Healey from Estrella Damm says the short films follow the very core of what Estrella Damm is about: “Estrella Damm is about saying “yes” to cultural and gastronomic offerings; going out and meeting people, immersing yourself in the local creative scene. Our short films, like The Little Things, reflect this perfectly to give the audience a true insight into the Mediterranean passion and way of life that goes into every drop of our beer.”


Set against beautiful spots in the Mediterranean, The Little Things, directed by Alberto Rodríguez, presents its two leading protagonists, an ageing, cynical French actor, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, and his thirty something assistant Laia, with completely opposing philosophies on life as they ride an emotional rollercoaster from the moment they meet. Outgoing Laia tries to illuminate the way for Jean-Pierre during a surprising turn of events as she invites him to seize the moment; showing him undiscovered areas of the island, introduces him to her friends and encourages him to taste the local culinary dishes.

The launch party of The Little Things was held at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch on 1 June along with an exclusive party featuring a DJ set from east London favourites Horse Meat Disco, who played a specially curated Mediterranean inspired DJ set, mixed with their own blend of disco juice.


The Little Things is now available to watch via Estrella Damm’s website, with the trailer being shown across platforms including Channel 4’s digital channels and Luna Cinema’s outdoor movie screenings. As part of its 360º campaign, The Little Things has also been extended digitally in social media platforms, cinemas and outdoors, with 280 posters across key London Underground sites since the release of its first trailer.


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Estrella Damm


  • Brewed in Barcelona with Mediterranean ingredients since 1876
  • Estrella Damm is an award winning premium pale lager brewed in Barcelona.
  • 140 years ago, the young August K. Damm, and his wife Melanie decided to emigrate from Alsace fleeing the Franco-Prussian war. Their journey brought them to the Mediterranean coast where they settled with the hope of brewing beer. Their dream came true in 1876 when they established their own brewery and crafted a beer adapted to the hot Mediterranean climate – Estrella Damm.
  • To this day, Estrella Damm is brewed in Barcelona using the original 1876 recipe and 100% natural ingredients: barley malt, Mediterranean pearl rice and hops. The quality of its ingredients is of the utmost importance so we carefully select and process them to ensure that everyone can enjoy the true, pure Mediterranean taste of Estrella Damm.
  • Estrella Damm is the perfect accompaniment to any dish; light and refreshingly drinkable, with a perfect balance between fresh grainy malt and subtle fruit, rounded off with a peppery bitterness and a clean finish.
  • Estrella Damm relentlessly searches for quality. It has not only kept its brown bottle, but has further darkened to provide 30% more protection against harmful light than the standard brown bottles, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the true, pure Mediterranean taste of Estrella Damm.


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