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28th March 2022

Euroboozer Asks Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Retailers To Support Ukraine Through Beer

Hertfordshire-based craft and speciality beer importer Euroboozer is hoping to rescue roughly 45,000 pints of beer from Kyiv-based craft brewer Varvar Brew in a show of support and to raise money for the people of Ukraine.

The brewery has had to close down since the invasion began and needs to sell its stock to raise much-needed funds for food, medicine, to pay taxes and wages and to support the country as a whole.

Martin Dawson of Varvar Brew said:

“Our brewery has been unable to operate since the war began and we have stock in our warehouse in Kyiv that we are desperately looking to sell. The situation in Kyiv is unpredictable, and we don’t know exactly how many days we will still be able to get our hands on our beer. Hopefully each and every beer that leaves the country can provide real enjoyment but also play a role in keeping our fight at the front of people’s minds. Our beer is made with a tank full of Ukrainian passion and the finest ingredients so we don’t want to see it destroyed.”

While everything was quickly agreed between Euroboozer and Varvar, as you can imagine, it’s taking a bit longer to find and confirm transport, the route and the wider logistics involved in getting roughly 45,000 pints worth of quality beer out of a warzone.

Martyn Railton, Founder of Euroboozer, said:

“It’s been horrendous watching the sickening scenes unfold since Putin’s attack began so we’re doing everything we can to help in the best way we know – by selling beer. When we reached out to our friends at Varvar, who explained the situation, rescuing the beer was the only logical thing to do. We’re currently trying to source transport and organise logistics so if you know someone who can help, get in touch.”

Once back in the UK, Euroboozer plan to get the varied and much-loved selection of Varvar beers stocked in pubs, bars, restaurants and retailers across the country.

In addition to paying Varvar the full price for the stock, Euroboozer will also be donating all profits from the sale of the beer to, which is raising money for humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

The hope is that hospitality and retail businesses will agree to stock the beer and launch their own initiatives to raise funds.                                                                                                                  

The plan has been conceived by Euroboozer founder Martyn Railton, whose Jewish grandparents were forced to flee Austria in 1939 before settling in the UK.

Martyn is confident that the beer will be in the UK by the 14th April so it can be made available to buy before Easter. The eclectic mix of beers being saved includes lagers, ginger ales, session ales, IPAs, APAs, stouts, sours, goses and barley wines to name a few.

Martyn Railton continued:

“Our plan is to encourage retailers and the On-trade to release the beer at the same time on the 14th April. We want people queuing up around the block to buy this life-saving beer so we can all raise money, awareness and a glass for the heroes of Ukraine ahead of Easter. Please, please, please dig deep, stock this beer, buy this beer, shout about this beer and help us do our bit for the Ukrainian people in the little way that we can.”

For more information on the beer range available and to pre-order, visit

About Varvar Brew  

An independent and ambitious craft brewery founded in a former sawmill in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2015. With a passion for brewing great beers, the brewery has garnered a loyal following within Ukraine’s burgeoning craft beer scene. Running two brewhouses – 2,000 L and 500 L, they produce over 750,000 L of beer per year across four lines; traditional craft, modern craft, barrel-aged and sours, and experimental.

Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe so the brewery often incorporates fruits, berries and herbs, as well as some more unusual ingredients – tomato, gherkin, horseradish, beetroot, birch sap and seaweed into its recipes. Taking great pride in representing their country at international competitions, festivals, and in collaborations, the brewery aims to show the world what Ukraine has to offer.

Some of the brewery’s recent tours of the UK have included collaborations with Siren (Mavka, imperial porter), Marble (Reminiscence, old ale), Pomona Island (Ratamahatta, NEIPA), Carnival (Muddler, imperial gose), North (Smoked Stout, stout), Heist (Limbo Shots, NEIPA), and Neon Raptor (Rise & Paul, NEIPA).

For further information visit –

About Euroboozer 

Started from the back of an old VW Vento in 2003, Euroboozer was set up by beer lover Martyn Railton, initially importing Austrian brands Stiegl, Schremser and Hirter. The company soon branched out across Europe and the Atlantic helping to drive the craft beer trend in the UK.

Nineteen years on the VW Vento has gone to be replaced with offices and a warehouse in Hertfordshire and Euroboozer now supplies some of the finest food and beverage establishments and retailers in the country.

In addition to the Austrian beers, the company exclusively distributes Andechs, Blakstoc, Harpoon and Other Half, as well as ten exciting Czech craft breweries and a host of leading UK brewers.

For further information, please visit or follow on Instagram – @euroboozer and Twitter @Euroboozer.

Press release from Euroboozer